Adult Whoopee Cushion Novelty Cushion




Paaaarp! Whoever smelt it dealt it!

You can stand next to your friends and make farting noises all night long, in this giant Adult Whoopee Cushion Novelty Costume. This costume is self-explanatory and silly, so if you're a practical joker, this one was practically made for you!

The Whoopee Cushion Novelty Cushion Costume is a giant pink whoopee cushion bodysuit with a cut out for the face, hands, and legs. The front of the costume is printed with a black retro photo, with the words ‘whoopee cushion’, so nobody will mistake who you are.

Bring the laughter to any fancy-dress event in this hilarious, unique costume!

Sizes for this costume are:

Standard:Chest size to 41"
Waist to 36.5"
Inside Leg 32"

Includes: Bodysuit