Look deliciously munch-tastic in our range of Food and Drink Fancy Dress Costumes. From red hot chilli's to pints of beer, we've got your food outfit sorted. Looking to become one of the most popular eats on the planet? Our Pizza Slice Food Costume is low-cost, easy to wear and above all it's literally a giant slice of pizza! What more do you need!? Or maybe you still want to look smart and sophisticated but just happen to be a huge fan of Kentucky Fried Chicken? The Mens KFC Colonel Sanders Outfit is instantly recognisable and will have you looking a whole lot better than a greasy bargain bucket! If you and your partner have a food fancy dress party coming up but are unsure what to go as, combine your ideas and become a matching pair of cutlery! Our Knife Costume is destined to be paired with this  Spoon Costume!