Halloween Accessories

We know your trouble: you’ve put blood, sweat and tears into your costume, but it’s not quite scary enough. Complete your frightening look with our Halloween Accessories. From fake blood to Halloween props such as fully mouldable fake fangs, diabolical decorations to wicked wigs. Maybe you've always wanted a hardcore face tattoo, but can't quite commit to something so 'in your face'.... Check out our Skull Face Accessory and let your inner punk run wild! Or perhaps you're a die-hard horror movie fan and want something iconic this Halloween? Why not grab our Jason Voorhees Hockey Mask and bring the scares to the party in classic style! Our Halloween accessories and will no doubt make sure you have a spooktacular time. Hey, you know what they say: if the broom fits, ride it. Our Halloween props will help perfect any costume you choose and give you those authentic finishing touches.

To explore our full collection of costumes, not just Halloween props - head on over this way!

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