Pocahontas was a Native American Indian in 1600's America. Her intriguing story has lived on ever since and she's become an iconic Native American for all generations. She widely known from Disney's animated Pocahontas movie, where she saves the life of Englishman John Smith and falls in love. Adults and kids alike will be familiar with her tale and can now become the Indian Brave herself with our wide range of Pocahontas costumes and fancy dress. Bear the elegant tribal dress of the princess with our Native Beauty Pocahontas Costume for women, or give the theme an alluring edge with our 'Pocahottie' Pocahontas Outfit. Little girls will love our Indian Girl Costume, complete with authentic tribal accessories to perfect the look. Browse our full collection of Pocahontas fancy dress here on Fancydress.com and find the perfect outfit for you! The native princess is an excellent character of choice for Wild West themed parties, Halloween, festivals, birthdays and nights out. If you're heading to an event with friends, why not go for a selection of different Native American Indian costumes and arrive as a tribe?