Hello, your majesty! It’s time for you to bow gracefully as you begin your life of ruling the kingdom. Queens are known for their stunning ball gowns, porcelain skin and their crown of jewels. It’s time for you to step it up and become the Queen you’ve always wanted to be with our regal range of queen costumes and accessories. Queens have been around centuries, so whether you’re heading off to a royal-themed party, or your child is in a school play, there's no shortage of looks to choose from. Take on a classic look as Queen Victoria, or bring in a new modernised twist on royalty dressed as The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. Other Queen fancy dress costumes include the Gothic Prom Queen for kids, the Evil Queen from Snow White, and of course, we can't forget about Queen Elizabeth. Whatever the occasion, and whether you’re playing good or bad queen, get ready to do the character justice! Browse our full collection of queen costumes below for more ideas.