Mermaids are mythical creatures that live deep within the ocean and have the upper body of a human, and lower body of a fish. Told in stories dating back to ancient Greece and pirate crusades, and in more recent TV series and movies, they're an intriguing, exotic character for you to dress as. Prepare for an 'under the sea' party with our fabulous collection of mermaid costumes for adults and kids. Children can transform into the underwater princess with our Toddler Lil Mermaid Costume. If they’re a fan of Disney’s Ariel, why not opt for our Kids Deluxe The Little Mermaid Ariel Costume? For the ladies, our Adult The Little Mermaid costume is a popular choice. Want something a little different? Switch up your style and become a zombie mermaid for Halloween. We have both adult and kids mermaid fancy dress costumes so you can dress to impress whatever your age! Once you've chosen your mermaid outfit, accessorise with sequins, glitter, body paint and other add-ons to glamorise your look. It's a theme that can be used again and again, for anything from Halloween to birthday parties, garden parties and fairy-tale pool parties. Browse our magical collection of mermaid fancy dress and give yourself a mythical make-over.