One way to make your friends and family scream is by putting on a horror movie and switching off the lights on Halloween. However, a much better way of giving them the fright of their lives is by dressing up as Scream from the blockbuster movie, wearing one of our terrifying Scream costumes. You’ll get away with anything as your identity will be fully covered and everyone will recognise you as the horror movie villain. Our Scream costumes are not for the feint hearted, so your friends and family members better be prepared. Transform into Scream himself in our gown and facepiece set. Your child can become the terrifying antagonist too; we have Scream fancy dress ideas for all ages and sizes! If you want to take your 'scream-tastic' look to the next level, you can team your outfit up with some blood paint and a machete. You also can't miss the classic Scream mask! He wouldn't be the same without the long, ghost-face look. Most costumes either include a Scream mask, or you can buy it as a separate accessory and combine it with your own dark clothes. Look up all your doors, windows and lock them again, as things are about to get scary this Halloween! Scream is one of the original scary movie characters and has been popular for over a decade! Continue the theme and ensure that this sadistic serial killer doesn't disappear on All Hallows Eve.