Dive beneath the waves for an ocean of inspiration with our Under The Sea Costumes & Accessories. When you read "under the sea" we guarantee you hear the voice of Sebastian the crab from The Little Mermaid! So why not transform yourself into the most famous lady of the sea with our brilliant Ariel Costume! For those of you looking for a funny novelty outfit, our Shark Attack Costume will have everyone at the party swimming with laughter! Or maybe you're a big sea food fan? Why not become the universally adored Captain Birdseye? The outfit looks great and is literally made to be worn alongside our Fish Finger Costume! Any couples looking for a unique idea, this is your chance! Our splash-tastic category also caters to the little sea explorers out there. For the ultimate cute costume, the Lil Lobster is one of the sweetest around! 

The sea is full of wonderful creatures, but if you want to become an animal that doesn't live underwater you should check out our Animal Costumes here!