The Purge is an American thriller movie series that tells the story of a shocking political initiate called 'The Purge'. On this single day of the year, all crime is legalised, including murder in order to solve population and prison issues. The terrifying annual Purge brings out psychopaths, serial killers and normal people that want to act reckless, and anything goes! Dress as a Purge psycho or hero for Halloween with our authentic collection of The Purge Masks, making a quick and cost effective dress-up idea. Simply pick out a mask and combine it with normal clothing and some fake weapon accessories and you'll be ready to take to the streets to defend your home or cause chaos! Whilst The Purge masks can be used for any fancy dress occasion and are a big hit at music festivals, Halloween is the night of the year that they're best suited to and you'll leave a wake of fear behind you. Choose from an intimidating 'god' mask or light-up Purge Mask with wire-crossed eyes. It looks awesome in the dark! Many of the Purge villains choose to wear a mask to conceal their identities and you'll fit in perfectly with the movie theme by doing the same. "This is your emergency broadcast system announcing the commencement of the Annual Purge".