Teletubbies Costumes

When we think of some of the best 90s kid’s TV programmes, we imagine Pingu, The Rugrats, and of course, the four best friends in the whole world, The Teletubbies. In a land far, far away lives four astronaut-like creatures who love to have fun and play hard, all whilst eating lots of their favourite speciality, Tubby Toast. You can become the leader of the group as Tinky Winky. Or if one of your friends is a bit silly, Dipsy is the perfect character for them. We can’t forget about Laa-Laa, the singer of the group, or little Po, who is the shy one and the youngest. For adults that want to re-live their childhood days sitting in front of the television back in the 1990s, our Teletubbies costumes are perfect for you. Or if your kids can’t get enough of the four best friends, then they can transform into a real Teletubby this World Book Day. But remember….don’t over-feed Noo-Noo!
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