It’s the talk of the town, country and the world… Oh yes, we’re talking about Netflix’s action-packed series, Squid Game. It’s a South Korean thriller, featuring nine episodes of intensity, a lot of blood and a lot of suspense. It’ll have you on the edge of your seat. If you're looking to head to the party dressed as one of the characters from the series, our cool collection of Squid Game costumes and Squid Game masks will help you get suited and booted. In the story, players are all strapped for cash and feel like they have no other option than to take part in these cruel and twisted games… little do they know what they’ve signed up for! The players are one part, but we can’t forget about the masked workers, and of course the main man himself, The Frontman. If you fancy working in this strange establishment, then why not transform into either a Triangle, if you want to be indispensable with all your armoury, a Square is you want to be the main boss of everyone, or a Circle if you just want to hide in the shadows and be a standard worker. Our Squid Game Masks will give you the intimidating and slightly creepy look that you desire. Someone will need to take charge and run the show, so if you’ve got a history of winning games in the past, then The Frontman Mask will suit you perfectly. Check out our Squid Game costumes below and get ready to put on a show, Squid Game style!