Go back in time to the era of Oliver Twist, when the streets of London were grey but intriguing, and life was tough. The Victorian era was an iconic point in British history and it makes a popular party trend or historical theme for school plays and events. We have a wide range of Victorian costumes and fancy dress ideas for both adults and kids, including outfits inspired by Oliver Twist, Annie, A Christmas Carol and many more films. Dress your little boy as the Artful Dodger, girls will love our Maid Victorian Outfit, or fit in with the Mary Poppins theme with Bert the Chimney Sweep. Add a spooky twist to your Victorian fancy dress with our Evil Punch and Judy Victorian Costume.

Whatever Victorian fancy dress costume you decide on, our detailed accessories and outfit ideas are destined to have you blending in with Victorian working life in London. Be sure to accessorise with a smudge of soot on your face if you're a chimney sweep or white and pink powdered cheeks for the traditional make-up style of the era.