Here you'll find all fancy dress starting with L and there's no shortage of Letter L Costumes to choose from; you can find an outfit for your whole family! Lets begin with animals; there's leopards, lions and lambs - but lets not forget this adorably cute Lady Bug for babies. Searching worldwide for your costume? Try a mens Leprechaun Costume or a womens Lederhosen. Your children can be the star of a movie! Your little girl can be Princess Leia and your boy a Lego man from the new animated movies. Thinking retro? Why not go as the classic video game star Luigi from Super Mario? You'll be collecting coins, smashing through boxes and on a mission to save the princess in no time. With 24 hour Delivery, you'll be eager to get to the party in your new letter L costumes. Try something more marvellous with our Letter M selection.