Hang loose, gang, our 60s fancy dress costumes and accessories are as far out as they come. Want to be a disco diva or are you looking for a handsome hippie 60s outfit? A groovy guy or gal? No sweat! The nineteen sixties are remembered as the generation of peace, love, unity and psychedelia. The care-free hippy lifestyle was embodied by most, with huge events like Woodstock dominating the 69' summer of love. Global phenomenon's were truly empowering the world, including Elvis, The Beatles, Jimmy Hendrix and Pink Floyd. We've got 60s fancy dress costume ideas for any big night out or party you've invited to, whether you want to go for a full on multicolour tie-dye Morphsuit, or a more traditional, checkered 1960s costume. You can rock out with the confidence knowing that you look awesome, man! So whether you’ve been working eight days a week or had a hard day’s night, we’ll get you feeling fine in no time with our 60s outfits.