Do you want to run rampant at the full moon, snarl your teeth and flex your claws? Howl to your hearts content and tear up the dance floor in our range of Werewolf Costumes & Accessories for kids and adults. Transform into one of the most famous werewolves around with our brilliant and colourful Teen Werewolf Costume! This one looks amazing and is ideally suited to both Halloween and movie themed parties. For a truly unique idea, our Grandma Wolf Werewolf Outfit is a match made in heaven with one of our many Little Red Riding Hood costumes! The iconic pair would go down a treat at a fairy-tale party, just don't forget your cookies for granny! For those of you that can't commit to a full outfit this year, why not slip on our Wolf Mask for an easy and cheap option that still looks brilliant! Just combine it with a checkered lumberjack shirt and you have yourself a full and cheap werewolf fancy dress outfit. If you've got everything sorted for your wolf-tastic look but want one more final touch, we recommend the fang-tastic Werewolf Fangs Accessory!