Queen of Hearts Costumes

Live the Alice in Wonderland fairy tale by dressing as the tremendously feisty but powerful Queen of Hearts. In the fairy-tale story by Lewis Carroll and on-screen movie adaptation by Tim Burton, the Queen of Hearts is an evil ruler that hands out severe punishments for the smallest of wrong-doings and soon finds herself in an encounter with Alice. Her royal appearance is depicted differently in each tale and it's completely up to you what look you go for! We have a wide variety of Queen of Hearts costumes for women and girls, presenting unique detail and vibrant colours. This Dark Queen of Hearts outfit shows the Queen in a devious and evil light, perfect for Halloween. It's sexy and intimidating at the same time! For an alluring look that has nothing evil about it, check out this Sultry Queen of Hearts Costume or interpret the character in a completely different way by dressing as a Queen of Hearts Playing Card to bring some laughs. Queen of Hearts fancy dress is a perfect choice for Book Week, an Alice and Wonderland tea party or Halloween and you'll have plenty of fun being bossy and showing off her feisty temperament!

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