Let out your biggest roar and zap back in time to the Mesozoic era, where dinosaurs ruled the earth! Dinosaurs were giant in size and are super-intriguing creates of the past that have been brought to life in movies such as Jurassic Park, children's books and stories throughout the ages. Dinosaur fans of all ages can become their favourite creature with our wide range of dinosaur costumes for adults and kids. Kids dinosaur fancy dress costumes include the eye-catching Blue Velociraptor Costume, which is based on the latest Jurassic Park films. Stand out at the party with a giant Inflatable Dinosaur Costume, available in T-Rex and Triceratops styles and in a variety of colours. Have you ever seen a stampede of people dressed in T-Rex costumes running through the streets? It's hilarious and will go down a storm with your mates. The rest of our dinosaur costume collection is based on creatures of all varieties. Suit up, tuck in your tiny T-Rex arms and get ready for a party with us! If a full-blown dinosaur fancy dress outfit is out of your price range, why not accessorise with a dinosaur tail and colourful, scaly make-up?