Catwoman is the sleek and silent lone ranger featured in the Batman and Gotham City movies and comics. She’s a notorious thief that always seems to get away but also has some good in her, teaming up with Batman to defeat the villains of Gotham. Whether you’re dressing up for a superhero party, want to look like Catwoman on Halloween or are attending a Comic-con cosplay event, these Catwoman costumes are guaranteed to help you look the part! Will you go for a sleek and sexy Catwoman outfit or iconic movie Catwoman costume worn by Halle Berry in the Hollywood movie? Catwoman fancy dress isn’t just for the ladies either. This cool Kids Catwoman Outfit will be a top choice for Halloween or a school event. Once you’ve picked out your outfit, accessorise with props such as a whip, yellow cat-eye lenses and a mask. If you’re hitting the party with a group of friends, why not dress them up as the other heroes and villains of Gotham City? Batman, Robin, The Joker, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and The Riddler make an awesome group fancy dress idea.