Become the mysterious female Batman villain from the DC Comics Universe with our tantalising collection of Poison Ivy costumes. The character appears in the comics and movies alongside personalities such as Harley Quinn, Batman and the Joker, using her skills as a Botanist to manipulate and control her enemies with plant toxins. She's devious, daring and wears a green plant outfit that wraps around her body. Poison Ivy fancy dress is a great costume idea for fans of the comics, video games and movies and she's a character that not many others will think of. Wear a Poison Ivy costume for Comic-con, Halloween, a superhero house party or practically any other reason to dress up. You'll look great, all whilst fitting into character! If you're attending a party as a couple, why not dress your partner as Batman? They do have a love interest in him in the comics after all. A Lethal Beauty Poison Ivy Costume combined with a red wig will give you the colourful look shown in the comics and video games, whilst a Woodland Posion Ivy costume has a darker and more sophisticated appeal. Find all of the Poison Ivy fancy dress outfits you need to inspire you and bring out your villain inside here on Still undecided? Check out our Harley Quinn and Catwoman costumes too. Both make great alternatives!