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Flap your wings and waddle to the party with your webbed feet, as your become the food snatching rulers of the coast. Our fantastic Adult Seagull Costume will transform you into the territorial bird that’s famous for stealing fish and chips.

The Adult Seagull Costume is made up of a full bodysuit with large wings for arms, yellow legs with webbed feet, and white detailing on the chest and upper body to represent the bird’s plumage. The costume also comes with an incredible headpiece that features a yellow beak and eyes to give you the complete Seagull look. This is a comfortable, easy to wear costume that’s sure to bring laughter to the party.

This hilarious outfit is a great option for Stag Dos, festivals, or an animal themed costume party. You’ll make an impact as soon as you walk through the door! Why not show the other birds your dance moves as you strut up to the dancefloor as the scavenging food thief himself?

Sizing Requirements:

One size fits most.
Waist 38", Chest 46"

Includes: Tunic and headpiece

Customer Reviews

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John Gjoen
Get dressed for the bachelor party!!

The costume was awesome, it gives a quite good impression of a seagull, at the same time it gives the one who wears it, a very, very comic appearance. We loved it!


Worked very well. We made him squawk at other seagulls and outside diners until they gave him a chip.