Mens Morty Smith Costume



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"Jeeeeez Rick!" Get ready to adventure through infinite dimensions this Halloween with our Mens Morty Smith Costume! Team up with your insane Grandpa Rick as you contemplate life, love and everything that comes in between. Explode from Earth dimension C-137 all the way to the dimension where cars sneeze, or maybe you'd prefer to inhabit dimension 35C: The universe with the Mega Trees? Wherever you decide to end up, you can rest easy knowing you look awesome in our fully licensed Rick & Morty costume!

Includes: T-Shirt, Mask

Size Guide
Mens X-Small Extra Small, Height: 5'9", Chest: 32"-34", Waist: 28"
Mens Medium/Standard Medium/Standard, Height: 5'11", Chest: 40"-42", Waist: 34"
Mens X-Large Extra Large, Height: 5'11", Chest: 46", Waist: 40"