Kids Road Hazard Zombie Costume



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Are you on the highway to glory this Halloween? If you are, you must get the threads to match! The Kids Road Hazard Zombie Costume will transform your son into a fierce biker dude with the zombie plague! It makes a great costume for spook season and can be worn for a school Halloween party, trick or treating, or any other occasion they get invited to. Every party needs a terrifying zombie biker!

The Kids Road Hazard Zombie Costume comes complete with a long-sleeve, black faux-leather top, with button detailing on the front. Also included is a terrifying skull zombie facepiece that’ll transform your son from an innocent school boy to a frightening zombie. A bandana and fingerless gloves finish off the look.

Your child is now all set for Halloween…. pass them the brains to feast on!

Sizes for this costume are:

Medium: Age 5 to 7 years

Includes: Long sleeved Top, Fingerless Gloves, Half Face Mask, Bandana