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Introducing.... Hermione Makepeace a.k.a Minnie the Minx! Dress your little one up as Dennis the Menace's cousin in our Kids Minnie the Minx Costume. Your daughter can become this mischievous Beano character who gets into brawls with the Bash Street Kids ready for World Book Day. This costume comes complete with the striped dress, featuring her iconic pea shooter, a pompom hat and matching hair bows. Whether your child knows of Dennis the Menace & co from the Beano comic books or from the after school cartoons, these characters are a classic World Book Day Costume for kids around the globe!

Includes: Dress, Hat, Hair bows

Excludes: Socks, Boots

Size Guide
Kids Age 5-6 Medium Age 5-6 Height 116cm, Waist 53cm
Kids Age 7-8 Large Age 7-8 Height 128cm, Waist 56cm