Duo and trio costume ideas for any group fancy dress occasion

July 06, 2023

Duo and trio costume ideas for any group fancy dress occasion - Fancydress.com

Welcome to our guide on some of the trendiest and most unique duo and trio costume ideas! Dressing up is always a lot of fun, but it’s even better when you get your friends and family involved. If you’re heading to a party, festival or special event and fancy dressing with a couple of friends or your partner for the occasion, check out our ideas below for inspiration. From the classic G&T drink and the Italian brothers from Nintendo, to a fun bar game, the fox and the fox hunter, there’s no shortage of ideas. Let’s get party-ready!


Duo costume ideas

Gin & Tonic

The first duo costume on our list is a drink that’s quickly becoming the go-to British favourite, no matter the occasion. Introducing, gin and tonic, aka G&T. This tasty, light, and refreshing beverage can be enjoyed as the classic drink, or for the fancier folk, why not try the fruity pink gin? Gin can’t be without tonic, and tonic can’t be without gin, making it a perfect duo costume idea.

adult gin & tonic 2in1 costume


80s workout

Get ready for an epic workout, 80s style. We’re talking fluorescent clothing, sweatbands, leg warmers and neon beads! This glorious decade oozes in style and is soooo Madonna. You won’t need to dress up as a n 80s king or queen if you’re hitting the gym, but the look is perfect for an 80s themed party. Throwback anyone? Choose this duo costume if you’re a fan of the new Barbie movie. It’s right on trend!


80s workout fancy dress costume


Super Mario & Luigi

We’re about to enter a realm of challenges, obstacles and plenty of flying shells. Welcome to the world of Super Mario! With multiple levels and a time limit, it’s not an easy game to master, but the two Italian brothers know all the tips and tricks to avoid the mushrooms, and especially the evil Bowser! This duo costume idea is great for occasions such as a 90s themed party, Halloween, or even a video game themed party.


super mario costumes

Slinky Dog

Sausage dogs are incredibly adorable, and somehow, they still manage to remain cute when they bark. The sweetest one of all has to be Slinky from Toy Story. His long body makes him really flexible and agile, perfect from helping Woody and Buzz when they get into trouble. You’ll never have to leave your partner’s side again, as you’ll be joined to the hip with this Slinky dog costume!


slinky pet dog couples costume


Mav & Goose

Maverick and Goose make such a great team in the original Top Gun movie and are with each other until the end. Take to the skies as these iconic aviators and show the Top Gun flight school how to reach Mach 10. With the release of a new Top Gun movie, this duo costume is right on trend. What’s your call-sign?

adult fighter pilot aviator costume

Captain Birdseye and a fish finger

A classic lunch option for the British is a fish finger sandwich. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s super delicious. Add a dollop of tomato sauce on top and your choice of white or brown bread. You can even combine it with a side of chips if you’re feeling naughty. Birdseye fish fingers are a classic and that’s exactly who you’ll be dressing as in this outfit idea. Grab your partner or a mate and dress them head-to-toe in a ridiculous fish finger costume. What’s not to love?

fish finger costume

Harley Quinn & The Joker

The notorious couple from Gotham City are always causing trouble, and they won’t stop until Batman stands his ground. Harley and The Joker come hand in hand and will do anything for each other, but of course, them being them, they like to be mischievous and sneaky from time to time. Whether it’s your best friend or your partner you’re dressing up with, you’ll become the mighty supervillain duo in no time.


harley quinn and the joker costume


Fox & The Fox Hunter

It’s time for the foxes to find a good hiding spot and remain there hidden until they finally get caught by the fox hunter! This might be more fun for larger groups on a stag night or birthday party, but it can also be done with your best mate or partner. Be sure to have a forfeit in mind if you end up catching the fox! This classic bar game makes the perfect duo costume; it’s ideal for any big night out.

fox and the fox hunter costume

Mad Hatters

Who loves to host a tea party? Who’s eccentric and slightly crazy? We’re talking about the Mad Hatter. No-one loves a good cup of tea and cake as much as he does, and if only Alice stayed for a little longer, he might have made her a special cake! No need to be off the charts bonkers, as the costume does all the word for you. Do you have a friend or family member bonkers enough to accompany you as the Alice in Wonderland icon?

the mad hatter costume

The average guys

Our final duo costume idea is one for those who love sports, movies and diving around the room trying to avoid fast-moving balls. Buckle up and show the opposition how a game of dodgeball is really played, all whilst saving your gym from being taken over! You might look the part, but the question is, do you know how to play? Dodgeball is a classic film and everyone will recognise this look at the party. Bring along a red ball for the ride and you’re all set.

adult average guys costume

Trio costume ideas

Pub Golfers

Practice your best swing and aim for a hole in one at the biggest tournament of your life. Show Tiger Woods how this fashionable game is really played! Different to the classic sport, pub golf is also a game of champions. Grab a trio of friends and parade around the bars seeing who can drink the fastest. Last one standing wins, and the loser will need to play a real game of golf, hungover! This trio costume idea is perfect for a night out.

pub golfers

Scooby Doo

‘Jinkies, gang!’ We all remember the clue-solving, no-nonsense Mystery Inc gang, made up of Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby Doo. They’re always on the hunt for clues and some of the gang can’t help but get into trouble. Would you do anything for a Scooby snack? Choose your three favourite characters and hit the party as a cartoon classic.


scooby doo costumes

Star Wars

‘May the force be with you!’

Have you ever thought about life on the other side of the galaxy? This trio costume idea is for all the Stars Wars fans out there! Whether you’re all about the classics or prefer the new movies in the series, the heroes and villains of the Star Wars universe always make a good fancy dress idea. Why not rock up to a party or cosplay event as Darth Vader, Kylo Ren and Darth Maul? Or maybe three Jedi masters is more your style…


star wars costumes


Are you up for doing a sexy, slow-mo run across the beach to save a damsel in distress? Everyone can always rely on Pamela and David! An ideal trio costume for a beach party or summer event, Baywatch is a classic that’s very easy to re-recreate. Grab yourself a red swimsuit or go all out with an official costume.

baywatch costumes

Fruit basket

Next up on our list of trio costumes is one for the health conscious. Remember the saying, ‘an apple a day, keeps the doctor away?’ Get your friends dressed up as a bowl of fruits and give everyone a good laugh at the party. What’s more ridiculous than a trio of oversized bananas, apples and pears parading through the bar?


fruit costumes


Pirates of the Caribbean

Find your inner Jack Sparrow and recruit a ship full of mates to help you on your quest. Pirates has long been a popular party theme; it’s simple, affordable and a lot of fun. Go for a Pirates of the Caribbean trio costume and you’ll soon find yourself in search for the Black Pearl (or a bottle of rum).

pirates of the caribbean costumes

Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione

The boy who lived, the celebrity, the famous Harry Potter. He somehow survived the devastating attack the night the Dark Lord killed his parents and is now out to seek revenge! Harry can’t do it alone and needs the help of his best friends, Ron and Hermione. The Gryffindor-house wizards are one of the most recognised trios in movie history!  


harry potter costumes



It’s time to paint the town whichever colour you fancy, as we head back to the 90s. Crayola crayons were extremely popular in this era and remain a staple in children’s stationery boxes today. From bright fluorescent colours to glittery gel pens and even pens that even smelt of fruit and chocolate, we can all appreciate the classic crayon brand. If you’re looking for a trio costume idea that’ll get your group noticed, head to the party as three crayons.


crayon costumes

Mexican fiesta

The final costume on our list of trio costumes is not only for the Mexicans, but also for those who love to party. Mexico is a vibrant and colourful country that loves any excuse to celebrate. From its delicious food and street festivals, to Day of the Day in November, a Mexican party is always a great party. Get your friends involved and a have your very own mini Mexican fiesta!

mexican costumes


Thanks for reading our duo and trio costume idea guide. We hope we inspired you to dress up with friends and you have a coordinated outfit that’ll make others turn heads. Always remember dressing up is just half of it – make sure you get right into character and practice those group poses.

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