Stag do's are one of the few times in life when you and your friends can properly let loose and do what boys do best, PARTY! Celebrate that last night of freedom with one of our hilarious stag do costumes. It doesn't matter if the groom is a timid wallflower or a raging dance-floor animal, we have a stag do outfit suited to just about everyone's personality! Traditionally, men wear dresses on their stag nights, so we decided to take famous fairy-tale princesses and turn their iconic dresses into costumes just for the groom to be (or whoever wants to wear it on the night!) Say hello to Cinderfella and Bro White! If you're looking for something truly outrageous that will cause a stir on a stag night, our crude yet brilliant the big pink stag costume is the ideal choice! Or maybe you need something a little less offensive that everyone will love to see dancing around all night long? Why not grab a bite of our pizza Slice! For a cheap option that will really get the party flowing, take a swig of our lightweight Beer Bottle Suit. This one is a great last-minute stag party outfit that won't break the bank! Browse our full collection of stag do costumes here on and pick something that will have your whole squad in fits of laughter!