25 of the Best Kids Halloween Costume Ideas

August 06, 2023

25 of the Best Kids Halloween Costume Ideas - Fancydress.com

When it comes to dressing up and using your wild imagination, children are the experts and don’t need an occasion to become their favourite character! However, Halloween is the one night of the year where kid’s around the world can choose their favourite scary, cute or heroic costume and go trick or treating with their friends. The best part is picking out their costume and we’re here to inspire them with 25 of the best Kids Halloween costume ideas.

They’re based on some of the latest and greatest trends, but include the classics that are popular every year. Sit down with your little one and have fun deciding on the perfect children’s Halloween costume!


1. Victorian Circus

Your child will love to enter the circus ring as leader of the freaks this Halloween. Whether they love scary clown costumes, or something more Greatest Showman inspired like the Strongman or Fortune Teller costumes, we’ve got circus costumes for your little ones that are both fun or scary.


2. Ghosts & Ghouls

Have you ever been out trick or treating with your children and seen handmade ghost costumes, simply created by cutting two eye-holes in a white sheet? It’s one of the original kids Halloween costumes ideas that has improved so much over the years! Will your boy or girl choose the classic white sheet ghost look or a slightly more terrifying Ghost-Face costume and mask based on the Scream movie villain?



3. Creepy Clowns

Nothing says Halloween like a creepy clown costume. What was once the symbol of kid’s birthday parties, jokes and fun have been transformed into your worst nightmare. Muahahahaha! Scary clowns will terrify everyone that has Coulrophobia and it’s a particularly terrifying costume idea for your little boy or girl. Which evil clown look will they choose? Pennywise?



4. Vampires of the Night

Blood-sucking vampires of the night disguise themselves as humans but sneakily feast on the blood of unsuspecting victims from the shadows. Their creepy persona and distinct appearance of pale white skin, a popped-up collar cape and sharp fangs have been the basis of movies and myths for generations and everyone is familiar with the character. This one is a kids Halloween costume classic!



5. Undead Zombies

Video games, TV series and movies are hot on zombies and if you have a little boy, this will be one of their favourite scary characters to dress as! Represent the undead with a zombie Morphsuit or base your kid’s zombie look on The Walking Dead with ripped clothing and grotesque wounds, fake blood and scars – these zombie kids Halloween costumes are better when gory!



6. The Addams Family

If you’re going out to a Halloween party or trick or treating with the whole family, why not dress each person as a member of the Addams Family? There are some great outfits for both kids and adults, and makes for a unique children’s Halloween costume for your little one!



7. Fortnite Characters

If your boy or girl is a big fan of video games, there’s a good chance they’re also playing Fortnite. This fun and immersive cartoon action game is one of the most-played titles for adults and kids of all ages, and they’ll no doubt want to dress as a character from the game for Halloween! Help them choose between a Brite Bomber, Skull Trooper or Black Knight. It’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser



8. Day of the Dead Kids

Mexico’s Day of the Dead is an annual festival that takes place in November, celebrating the lives of deceased friends and relatives. It follows a spooky but brilliant fancy dress theme of painted sugar skulls with colourful suits and dresses and has a distinct style that has been captured worldwide. It’s a big dress-up theme with adults and now you can get your kids in involved too with children’s Day of the Dead costumes. They look great and will be different from what the other kids are wearing!



9. Toy Story

Kids Halloween costumes don’t have to be scary! If your little one is a bit young or just wants to look cute, a fun and friendly costume is just as good! Every child (and adult) is a fan of Disney Pixar’s Toy Story! With Toy Story 4 and the introduction of a new favourite character, ‘Forky’, dressing your little one as a Toy Story character will go down a storm this Halloween. Will they become the rootin’ tootin’ cowboy Woody, the charming cowgirl Jessie, heroic space ranger Buzz Lightyear Buzz, or Bo Peep?



10. Sinister Scarecrow

Forget happy scarecrows from the Wizard of Oz; this scarecrow is sure to frighten all of the birds away! It gives the classic field scarecrow a horrifying makeover that will cover your child from head to toe in brown sack-style rags, with a menacing mask and hay-looking collar. It reminds us of the scarecrow villain from Batman!



11. Wicked Witches

For little girls dressing up on Halloween, a wicked witch (or nice witch) is the top choice and has been for decades! She doesn’t have to be any old witch though. Kid’s witch costumes come in a variety of cool styles, from dark, old hags to colourful witches that embrace the glamorous side of casting spells and stirring cauldrons.



12. Scary Skeletons

Get your little one to shake those bones and hide in a corner, ready to scare their friends in the street! Kids skeleton costumes are consistently a well-liked kids Halloween fancy dress option and they come in a variety of styles. Go for a budget but brilliant Kids Scary Skeleton costume or choose a more terrifying skeleton outfit, complete with a hooded face mask.



13. Outer Space Aliens

Nothing is easier than a Kids alien costume at Halloween. These costumes require minimal effort but your little one will still have all the fun when out trick-or-treating. Just dab on a little face paint if you wish, and start helping your child fill up their sweet bucket! Another thing that’s brilliant about an alien costume is that they are a Halloween classic that can be pulled out the dressing up box no matter what the month!



14. Cursed Werewolves

Werewolves have long been associated with things that go bump in the night. Humans during the day whilst the sun is out, then they transform into a werewolf at night. They’re ferocious, cunning and you wouldn’t want to be caught by one in the forest. A kid’s werewolf costume with a furry mask and gloves will have your little one howling at the moon and jumping around on all fours!



15. Stealthy Ninja Warriors

Ninja’s were silent but deadly assassins in ancient Japan, defeating the emperor’s enemies and living a life in the shadows. They’re the stars of butt-kicking action movies, video games and TV shows, and are one of the coolest looking characters around. Little boys will be ecstatic to don the all-black robes of a ninja warrior for Halloween. For an alternative but just as cool twist to the theme, why not dress your boy as their favourite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle? Cowabunga!



16. Avengers & Thanos

The past few years have saw the final Avengers Marvel movie released, alongside the new Spiderman movie, Captain Marvel and many more superhero hits in the Marvel Universe. Kids of all ages love dressing up as their favourite hero and there are plenty of options to choose from. Will your little boy become Spiderman or join the dark side and fight the Avengers dressed as Thanos?



17. The Joker & Batman

Since the launch of the Batman: The Dark Knight movie, The Joker has been a popular Halloween costume year on year. Heath Ledger’s performance has gone down in history, making him one of the most devious yet well-liked Hollywood villains of all. Help your little boy become the sinister Joker character and dress his brother or friend as Batman for a duo costume look that they’ll love.



18. Mad Clown Creeper

Is your child bored of the same old Halloween costume characters and want to stand out from the crowd on their trick-or-treat night? ‘Creeper’ costumes give the appearance of a huge head and face with a miniature body. They’re cool, quirky and available in a variety of styles! Will they choose to be the Mad Clown Creeper, brain-eating Zombie Creeper or a spooky faced Ghost Creeper?



19. Star Wars

No longer is Star Wars a character theme just for the older generations. Disney’s latest movies and the cool collection of video games, toys and animated series has helped it become one of the most loved stories for kids of all ages. Dress your child up as Rey or Finn from the recent movies, or classic characters such as Princess Leia, Darth Vader, Stormtroopers and many more ideas!



20. Swashbuckling Pirates

“Ooooargh me hearties! Grab those cutlasses and eye patches and march into battle with yer captain”. Pirates are a kids Halloween costume theme that never gets old! Embrace the Pirates of the Caribbean movie and dress your child as Jack Sparrow or create a super-affordable pirate outfit with accessories such as a sword, bandana, eye patch and hook hand. Great for both boys and girls!



21. Frankenstein

Frankenstein is a genetically modified human that has been transformed into a walking monster as a result of an experiment that went wrong. His fictional story has been told in tales for generations and used to create movies, cartoons, TV series and more! These hand-picked kid’s Frankenstein costumes are some of the coolest Halloween outfits around! Girls will adore the pretty yet gothic style of Frankenstein dresses, including the edgy ‘Bride of Frankenstein’, whilst boys can adopt the classic look of the monster-man.



22. Pumpkins

Nothing says Halloween season more than pumpkins! Go for this autumnal fruit as a costume theme, whether you like to be scary or sweet! They’re particularly excellent for younger kids and babies but any child will look as cute as a button in a round and bright orange pumpkin attire! The older ones won’t feel left out though, we have this terrifying Jack-O-Head pumpkin reaper costume to ramp up the scare factor!



23. Devious Devils

Another Halloween classic that’s both easy and budget-friendly is the lord of the underworld and bringer of darkness, the Devil. Pitchfork wielding devils with red horns are the iconic Halloween look that’s suitable for both boys and girls, with a wide variety of kid’s devil outfits to choose from. Will they choose a cute devil dress with horns or evil looking onesie?



24. Harry Potter

Wave your wand and shout “Wingardium Leviosa”! Harry Potter and his wizarding world are some of the most recognisable books and movie characters for kids around the globe and it continues to be a fancy dress success! Plus, it’s an easy costume idea. The only thing your child needs is a wizard’s robe, magic wand and the scarf design for the house of their choice. They’ll be casting spells in no time! For a spookier twist to the theme, dress them as a Death Eater!



25. Horror Movie Icons

Horror movie villains are always a firm favourite amongst adults at Halloween, but why can’t kids dress up as their favourite villain too? We’ve got a selection of the best kids Halloween costumes, including Pennywise inspired clown costumes to the Grady twins from The Shining, and iconic characters such as Chucky. If your little daredevil loved staying up late to watch these movies, then they’ll love dressing up as them even more!


Get fabulously spooky with us!

We’ve picked out our favourite kids Halloween fancy dress costumes, but there’s a lot more to choose from! Being the biggest night of the year to dress up, there are hundreds of outfit ideas, and it doesn’t have to be a scary theme to look good! Check out the rest of our children’s Halloween costumes by clicking here, or discover family costumes by clicking here.