30 Family Halloween Costume Ideas #FamilyGoals

August 14, 2023

30 Family Halloween Costume Ideas #FamilyGoals - Fancydress.com

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to choosing the perfect Halloween costume, but when you want a crowd-pleasing outfit that shows off every member of the family, a growing trend is rocking family Halloween costumes. It’s now totally cool to match your kids to their siblings and kids to their parents, and if you capture the shot right, people will be doubling tapping that pic as it’s super Instagrammable! #FamilyGoals!

Below we’ve picked out our top 30 group family costumes for Halloween – some that are trending and some that are dressing up box staples; and we made sure to throw in a there a few cute family costume ideas mixed with scary family Halloween costumes too.


1. The Addams Family

Let’s start with one of the most iconic families that rise in popularity as the year turns a little darker, it’s the ever so spooky, ‘ooky and all together kooky Addams Family. These Halloween costumes are ever so versatile, there’s an adult’s Cousin Itt, Uncle Fester, Gomez and Morticia, as well as girls dress up versions of Wednesday Addams and Morticia too, so pick your role and get gothic this October!



2. The Incredibles

This one is a lot more wholesome, and popular all year round. Kit your family out in the officially licensed costumes from Disney’s The Incredibles. Even if your husband isn’t quite as built as Bob Parr, this costume will help him fake it until he makes it. So gather your own little gang and transform into Mr & Mrs Incredible, Dash & Elastagirl, and you can even get the dog involved too!


3. Star Wars

This group fancy dress idea is spectacular for involving your little ones. We’ve got a whole host of toddler costumes in our Star Wars range, and is even perfect for those hunting the perfect family costume with a lot of kids. Again, don’t forget to get your pup involved this Halloween; we’ve got licensed costumes for him or her too… so cute!!



4. Marvel Avengers Heroes

You’ll be gathering those Infinity Stones from Thanos in no time with your new Avengers crew. Avengers fancy dress is so easy to do with kids! We’ve got a whole host of Marvel costumes to choose from for all ages and genders. You’ll smash it with an Infinity Gauntlet this Halloween!



5.  Ghostbusters

When there’s something strange in your neighbourhood, who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters! Dress head to toe in beige with these cool official boiler suits, complete with an inflatable proton pack! These unisex Ghostbusters costumes are the perfect amount of spooky for Halloween, and are available for kids and adults alike, making them ideal for a group fancy dress costume that never goes out of fashion!



6. Peter Pan

Look like you’ve followed the second the star to the right and straight on until morning in these Peter Pan inspired outfits. Why not reuse them on World Book Day for your little ones? Neverland is full of all things lovely and magical like the lost boys, mermaid lagoon, Red Indians and pixie dust – but has a dark side too in the pirate coves! These fun Peter Pan inspired costumes have a range of characters to choose from for the kids and adults including Tiger Lily, a Mermaid, Tinkerbell and Captain Hook, Mr Smee & more – the opportunities are endless.



7. Alice in Wonderland

“OFF WITH THEIR HEADS”, your little one will be screaming as she acts out her favourite scenes from Alice in Wonderland this Halloween. For one of many cute family costume ideas, Alice’s adventures have quite the variety of characters and costumes to choose from. Have Dad as the Mad Hatter, Mum as Alice, your son as the white rabbit and your daughter as the ruler of Wonderland, The Queen of Hearts.



8. 101 Dalmatians

If you’re someone who loves to play the villain or have an apple that hasn’t fallen too far from the tree, then you or your daughter can dress up the wicked old lady Cruella De Vil along with a pack of Dalmatians. It’s the perfect mix of cute and scary Halloween costumes and perfect for the trick-or-treating too!



9. Skeletons

Rattle some bones on the dance floor as the next Halloween party you attend will be in shock as you arrive looking graveyard fresh in your matching Skeleton costumes. A classic every year at Halloween, this timeless look is one that’s ideal for families big and small and any genders. We’ve even got tiny skeleton costumes for your toddler too, so no one gets left out of the spooky fun!



10. Day of the Dead

A fast-rising trend is to dress up in skeleton mixed with floral attire with our selection of Day of the Dead Costumes. This Halloween, celebrate the Mexican festival with your cute skeleton outfits with sugar skulls and flowers – the perfect pop of colour you need on your Instagram feed, and you’ll definitely be the family with the most attention-grabbing look when trick or treating in the neighbourhood.



11. Red Riding Hood

A Halloween twist on the traditional fairy tale comes with our spooky and yet so innocently cute Red Riding Hood costumes. Dress mum and daughter up as little reds, and have father and son as the big bad wolves. Accompany with some fresh scratched makeup and some cute wicker basket accessories and you’re set for the evening!



12. Gotham City

It’s every kid’s dream to become their favourite superhero or super villain (and every adult’s dream too!) A family costume for Halloween that is always a winner is Batman and some Gotham villains! Boys outfits include Batman and the Joker, for girls Harley Quinn or Catwoman, and adults can transform into Bane, Deadshot, the Riddler & more. The opportunities really are endless when it comes to Gotham!



13. The Victorian Circus

An influx of interest into Victorian Circuses has been sparked by the 2018 release of The Greatest Showman. Even celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon, including Neil Patrick Harris and his family for Halloween 2017. Choose from a clown, trapeze artist, bearded lady, ringmaster or strongman to get the complete look! Try dressing your dog up as a lion too – adorable!


14. Twisted Circus

Become more sinister and create a twisted circus with your family this Halloween. Think creepy killer clowns, evil ringmasters, trapeze gone wrong with zombie trapeze artists and crazy jesters. This is bound to be a popular hit with the release of IT: Chapter 2 and following on from The Greatest Showman, so get ready for those Facebook likes to roll in!



15. Harry Potter

Whether you’re an adult or child, there are some parts of the Harry Potter movies that will make you jump in fear. Dress your clan up as little Wizards and witches, Voldemort or a Dementor and look like you’ve just hopped off the Hogwarts express to arrive at the Halloween party in style – ultimate family Halloween costume goals!



16. Toy Story

A Halloween family costume that is definitely so adorable is Toy Story. Cinemas releasing Toy Story 4 has definitely given the globe Pixar fever; so become bang on trend and dress up your family to look like they’ve hopped right out of the toy box this October.



17. The Three Little Pigs

This is an easy one for a family of four, and if you’ve got kids in nursery, you’ll find it’s not too scary for them. It’s an oh so cute idea and quite unique too! Dress Daddy up as the big bad wolf who’ll be ready to blow the house down, and mummy and two kids or babies can dress up as pink little piggies! Adorable, easy and great for a last minute option!



18. Prisoners

Are your family bad to the bone? If naughty streaks run in your circles, then you’ll be glad to hear that we’ve got some of the most perfect family Halloween costumes for you. Rock black and white stripes with pride at your next Halloween party, as these escaped prisoners and convicts are here to party!  There’s even an adorable onesie for your baby too!



19. Vampire Coven

A deliciously fangtastic costume to rock as a family this Halloween is a coven of Vampires! A timeless classic, pop your cape collars up, fangs in and get ready to gulp down that blood-red punch and knock the fancy dress competition out of the coffin this Halloween!



20. Ancient Egypt

Fresh from the tomb is this selection of cryptic costumes ready to get eyes bulging at your next Halloween fancy dress party. Become a mystical mummy, a power-hungry pharaoh or a queen like Cleopatra this year. Whether you really want to make it a bit gory or keep it low key for the kids, these costumes hold a range of possibilities to get creepy this Halloween!



21. Wicked Witches

Cackle away in your new witchy dresses this Halloween, as you dress your family as a coven of witches. Complete your look with all the accessories, including cauldrons, broomsticks and pointed hats! You can even dress your baby up too, we’ve got the Witch and Famous Dress or even a cute little cat!



22. Wizard of Oz

One that’s cute more than scary (flying monkeys aside) is the tale of the Wizard of Oz, don costumes including the scarecrow, the lion, the tin man and Dorothy this October 31st  and even get the wicked witch involved too – spooky!



23. Aladdin

Celebrate the release of the Disney live-action remake in our fun Aladdin costumes, perfect for a couple with a new baby! Show off your flying carpet skills dressed as Aladdin, Jasmine and add our Baby Monkey costume as Abu, and we can’t forget the biggest personality of all – the Genie! Totally cute and perfect for a Disney obsessed family!



24. Zombies

Zombies are making a comeback in 2020, with some fresh and funny zombie movies being released on the big screen; show off your rotting flesh and exposed bones in our full range of zombie costumes and accessories perfect for all ages. Get as gory as you like, it is Halloween after all!



25. Child’s Play

Your little ones may not understand who they’re dressed as, but everyone else certainly will! Dress up as a tribe of the killer dolls in this horror movie inspired outfit. Each of you can dress up in Chucky’s iconic blue dungarees and red stripes and creep out all of the party guests in this amazing group costume.



26.  Trapped Spirits

Dress your little ones up as ghoulish ghosts and as parents, you can throw it back to your wedding day. Perfect for those that don’t want something too scary, this family costume is definitely kid-friendly!



27. Astronauts & Aliens

This is quite a cute Halloween costume for your family, it’s friendly, fun and has a spooky element! Look like you’ve crash-landed on the moon and bumped into some small green UFOs. We’ve got both astronaut and alien costumes for kids and adults, so the opportunities are endless, it’s even better if you are looking for large family costumes too.



28. Beetlejuice

Say his name three times and he’ll appear! Beetlejuice has such an iconic outfit; we’ve got the classic black and white striped suit available for girls, men and women – making it perfect for a family of three. If you have a little lover of all things Tim Burton, then this surely the best group fancy dress choice for you.



29. Goldilocks & The Three Bears

Another fairy-tale costume that you can wear at Halloween, dress up as Mummy bear, Daddy bear and Baby Bear, and the innocent-looking but trespassing girl that is Goldilocks. Make the bear outfits are evil as you want, but we recommend it’s best to keep them sweet when you’re around toddlers!



30. Pumpkin Patch

Last but not least…they’re not so scary, but definitely in the spirit of Halloween: Pumpkins! Dress your squad up as the rounded autumnal vegetable with a little jack-o-lantern smile. You will bring a pop of colour to the Halloween party and will definitely pull off the wholesome look! Neighbours will be filing your bags to the brim with sweeties when seeing your whole family dressed in cute outfits!



There you have it, our favourite 30 family Halloween costumes for 2022! We hope to have inspired you and sparked your imagination no matter the size of your family. Group fancy dress should always be fun, so don’t get too stressed out! Take a scroll through our best Halloween Movie Inspired Costumes post if you’re searching for more inspo, you’re bound to find something that tickles your fancy!