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20 Darts Fancy Dress Costume Ideas

September 04, 2020

20 Darts Fancy Dress Costume Ideas -

Are you ready for the most wonderful time of the year? Well, let’s get you prepared for the seasonal finals of the PDC Darts! It’s an event you should have had in your calendar since last year, and being underprepared happens to the best of us. Take a scroll below to see our top 20 of the best darts fancy dress costumes.

First up, the rules! The rules are: there are no rules! Almost… In all seriousness, don’t be the guy or gal that turns up wearing something outright offensive, politically incorrect or uncool! If you do, you won’t be let in! Also, masks can only be worn in the stadium, not upon arrival.


Going Solo

1. Alan from The Hangover Movie

This Darts outfit rocks up year on year, and is perfect for a lad that knows that he’s in for a wild night, and this is only the beginning!


2. Inflatable Roast Turkey


The finals always fall around Christmas and new year, so get some extra wear out of your festive Christmas costume and rock up like a roast turkey. This one will stay inflated all night!


3. Wacky Waving Man

An Inflatable Wacky Waving Arm Flailing Tube Man is always a way to get attention in the crowds. This costume is ideal for darts fancy dress, and easily assembles in minutes!


4. The Mask

Jim Carey’s The Mask is a unique and bright costume that will pop out in any photos to make sure you’ll be seen! Just slap on some green face paint and you’re good to go!


5. Big Baby Trump

Politically incorrect doesn’t mean you can’t dress as the politicians in light-hearted taste! Step inside this inflatable Baby President Costume and transform into the USA’s very own Donald Trump!


For the Groups

6. Cool Runnings

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It might be the wrong sport, but the best way to arrive at any party or event is with your Jamaican Bobsleigh teammates! You’re sure to hit a bullseye in this hilarious costume!


7. 10 Pin Bowling

For a unique and original costume idea, this bowling group fancy dress is absolutely ludicrous, check it out on these boys above!


8. Urinals

Kind of gross but also brilliant, dressing up the squad as urinals are part of the recipe for the ultimate night out, and you know some memories will be made!


9. Beers

This group darts fancy dress is perfect for all! Whether you’re male or female, prefer a pint or bottle, we’re sure to have whatever wets your whistle!


10. Road Cones

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This is the ultimate group costume and is guaranteed a crowd pleased for darts fancy dress. It’s so simple but brilliant, and the night’s antics are guaranteed to be hilarious.

For the ladies

11. Christmas Elf

Ladies, darts costumes don’t have to be difficult! Try a traditional festive vibe in one of our elf costumes.


12. Where’s Wally

Where’s Wally or Wanda may be something you already have in your fancy dress wardrobe. It’s a simple idea but always fun to wear in big crowds!


13. Crayons

These crayons are a little sexy and definitely fun. Team up with your friends to make up all of the colours for the ultimate darts costumes.


14. Spice Girl

Bring some girl power to the darts and show the lads who really rules the fancy dress competition. Grab your besties and transform into the 90s pop band with Scary Spice, Ginger Spice, Baby Spice,  Sporty Spice and Posh Spice!


15. Oktoberfest

Perfect if you want to team up with your man who’s dressed as a beer bottle or in lederhosen, but the Oktoberfest beer maid dress is a fun and flirty idea to whip out this time of year.


For the Couples

16. KFC Colonel & Chicken

The darts fancy dress costume ideas just keep on flowing, and dressing up as Colonel Sanders and some tasty Kentucky Fried Chicken is the ultimate costume for any duo!


17. He-man & She-ra

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Dress up as the ultimate power couple of the 80s. He-man will be looking mighty strong and She-re might fine when watching the players score a 180.


18. Bacon & Egg

Whether you’re best buds or husband and wife, be the perfect partners in crime at breakfast time in the Bacon and Egg costume. Totally random, but darts fancy dress needs no context!


19. Del Boy & Rodney

Rock up as Peckham’s finest! “Rodders, you plonker!” These outfits are just cushty! Place a bet and you’ll be millionaires when rocking up in these perfect Darts costumes – lovely jubbly!


20. Knife & Fork

“Go to the darts as a knife and fork”, they said! “It will be funny”, they said! I tell you what, we’re not wrong! The PDC Darts are all about utterly outrageous, random and hilarious outfits, so why not join in dressed as utensils?



There we are, our top 20 darts fancy dress. Of course, this list can go on! And if you do fancy being a little more festive, gather some inspiration from our list of funny Christmas costumes, that make for brilliant darts outfits too!