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Disney princess costume ideas to make you the belle of the ball

January 26, 2022

Disney princess costume ideas to make you the belle of the ball -

It’s time to let your hair down, put on your stunning dress and go and find your one true love, as you will go to the ball… Let’s face it, every girl loves to be a princess, no matter if they’re 5 or 35. Enter a magical world with your little girl as you step into a land of fairy-tale as a Disney princess. Whether you’re looking to become the Belle of the ball and find inner beauty within the hideous beast, or want to discover your prince charming, whilst escaping from your ugly stepsisters, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve assembled some of the best Disney Princess costume ideas for both adults and kids, so whether you decide to team up together as the mighty mum and daughter princess duo, or looking for something yourself, you’re sure to find plenty of inspiration. Read on for a fairy-tale collection of Disney Princess outfit ideas. 😊


Belle of the ball

From the classic Disney hit, The Beauty and The Beast, Belle plays a sweet, beautiful girl who’s looking for more in life. She loves to see the good in people, namely the hideous beast, who was once a handsome, charming prince. You may not be able to see yourself falling in love with a beast so hideous, but give it some time, and you may surprise yourself. Re-create scenes from the original Disney animation or become Emma Watson in the new modern remake. The question is, will you be able to save The Beast from himself?

Fairytale beauty 

Let it go

Is your little girl also slightly obsessed with the hit movie, Frozen? If so, then we don’t blame her, as the songs are so catchy! It’s a thrilling story that highlights the strong relationship between sisters, Anna and Elsa, as they set on an adventure together. Elsa isn’t always so kind as she uses her negative powers to freeze the land. If your girl wants to take control and perhaps has a younger sister, then she can create her own ice castle to rule. Elsa is a Disney Princess costume idea that is popular year after year.

Anna frozen costumes

The glass slipper

It’s time for you to ditch your old cleaning clothes and slip into something a little more tasteful. Disney’s classic, Cinderella, is an all-time favourite that tells the story about a young girl who’s treated awfully by her stepmother and her two daughters, after the passing of her parents. She soon falls in love with the prince and with the help of her glass slipper, they live happily ever after. Just make sure you’re back home by the time the clock strikes midnight, otherwise everyone will see you in your tatty clothes!


Cinderella costumes


Arabian princess

The next costume on our list of Disney Princess costume ideas comes from the modern live action movie, Aladdin. It can be quite tiresome living a sheltered life, due to being overprotected by your father. Yes, Jasmine is a princess, but she also needs some adventure, and what better way to unleash your fun side than hopping on to a flying carpet with a man your barely know? Especially when he’s not even a prince! Hold on tight as you’re in for a ride! This is a great Disney Princess fancy dress idea for couples. Aladdin and Jasmine make the perfect team!

Kids live action Jasmine costume

Born to be brave

What’s life without a challenge from time to time? Merida is the Scottish princess from Disney’s kids favourite, Brave. She’s quite the adventurer and will do all she can to break the curse once and for all. She’ll beat you at archery time and time again, so there’s no point in trying to compete with her! Merida is without a doubt one of the bravest princesses we know. Sound a bit like you or your daughter?

Child Brave Merida Costume 

The sleeping princess

We all know the tale of young, innocent girl who’s cursed by the Evil Queen when she’s younger. She heads to the very top of the castle and pricks her finger on the spinning, wheel which causes her tragic death. Luckily, Prince Charming comes to save the day and she’s brought to life by loves one true kiss. It’s a classic story and we all sure love a happy ending! Be gone, Evil Queen! If you like all things pink and girly, Sleeping Beauty is the perfect Disney Princess costume for you.

Sleeping Beauty costumes
‘Do you wanna build a snowman?’

We’re heading back to the land of the snow and ice, where lively snowmen are built. Yes, we’re talking about Disney’s Frozen again! This time, it’s all about sweet Anna, who is so kind and wants to do all she can to help her sister, Elsa. She may already have her trusty companion, Olaf, but there’s always time to build another one! Anna is a Disney Princess costume idea for those that prefer the courageous spirit of this duo of sisters.


Anna Frozen costumes



The mighty warrior

This next costume on our ultimate Disney princess outfits guide is slightly different from the rest. Mulan doesn’t wear beautiful long dresses, or does she go to the ball. However, she’s treated like a princess in her own right, by fighting for her country and doing good to save her village. If your little girl has just started out at martial arts school, or prefers trousers over dresses, then this is the way to go. She doesn’t need to cut her long hair though…

Kids Asian princess girls costume

The fairest of them all

‘Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?’ We all know the tale of the innocent girl who is so fair and pure. She gets tricked by the witch, as she eats a poisonous, red apple. At least Snow White meets some kind dwarves on her journey, to offer her companionship and help on her way. So-long you evil queen! Do you love the heavenly pale skin look and like to sing? Snow White is the perfect Disney Princess for you.


Snow White costumes


The mesmerising mermaid

Next up on our list of ultimate Disney princess costume ideas, we have the one and only Little Mermaid. She has long red locks and the most beautiful mermaid tail ever known. Ariel is so curious about life above water, and it’s not long until she falls in love with a human prince! You better watch out for the evil Ursula as she tortures the king… Mermaid costumes are extremely popular and there’s no better mermaid than Ariel. Get ready to practice the famous song with your hair accessories. 


mermaid costumes


The curious one

Once upon a time there lived a curious girl who loved to explore. Little did she know, she’d encounter an overly smiley Cheshire cat, a hatter that’s as mad as you can get and an evil queen who’ll have you off with your head in an instant if you disobey her. Just make sure you don’t eat or drink anything you’re not supposed to, and always read the instructions. Alice in Wonderland isn’t a traditional Disney Princess costume idea, as she isn’t strictly a princess. However, she’s a great character to dress as and fits in well with any occasion.

Alice in wonderland costumes


The reversible princess

Both Cinderella and Snow White are two of the most classic Disney movies of all time. They’re both sweet and faithful and everyone wants to be them. It can be hard to decide which one to be for the day, but who says you can’t be both? Escape the evil step mother and her daughters and avoid any red apples at the party. This is a cool Disney Princess costume for those that want something a little different. Transform into an entirely different princess at the same party!

Disney 2 in 1 princess costumeThe princess of Arabia

We’re almost coming to the end of our list of Disney Princess outfit ideas, but we can’t forget about the stunning princess of Arabia, Jasmine. She’s loyal, she’s kind, but is sick and tired of her boring princess life indoors. Things take a turn for the better when she’s rescued by Aladdin, as they fly high on the magic carpet, opening new doors and a new life for the princess. This Princess Jasmine look is based on the original animated classic.

Princess Jasmine costume

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair

The final costume on our complete list of Disney Princess costume ideas is the one and only Rapunzel. Stuck at the top of the tower, locked away by the awful witch, the only connection she has with the real world is with her long locks. The question is, will the handsome prince come and save her and set her free? Rapunzel is the perfect outfit idea for those with long blonde hair. Even if you don’t, you can acquire her silky locks with a long flowing wig.


Rapunzel costumes


That wraps up our complete guide to the best Disney Princess costume ideas for you, and for your very own little princess. We can guarantee that you’ll both feel like a million dollars and will bring back some very fond memories of watching the Disney classics. If you weren’t able to find your favourite princess in our list, then be sure to check out our full range of Disney princess costumes here.