Star Trek is a outer space based TV show that launched in the 1960's and has been popular ever since, with countless series and movies being a hit worldwide. Star Trek lovers of all generations long to be the iconic characters from the show and now your dream can come true! We have authentic Star Trek costumes for both men and women, featuring the original style of the most recognised space uniforms in TV. Dress as First Officer Spock and start your space voyage with our vibrant Blue Spock Costume. Perfect the outfit with a pair of signature Spock ears. Alternatively, you may prefer the noble prowess of Starship Enterprise leader with this Captain Kirk Star Trek Outfit. Ladies will love the smart but seductive Uhura Star Trek Outfit. That's just a small selection of Star Trek fancy dress on offer and we have a variety of costumes for your whole group. Round up your friends and rock up to the party dressed as the entire fleet of the Starship Enterprise! Star Trek costumes will long be a favourite dress-up idea and it's excellent for birthday parties, Halloween or a themed work event. You'll look the part whilst reminiscing of those action-packed space battles and dramatic scenes from your childhood. Live long and prosper!