The best Disney character costume ideas for adults and kids

February 28, 2022

The best Disney character costume ideas for adults and kids -

Disney isn’t just for the kids, it’s for the entire family too! Browse through our magical list of Disney costume ideas and you’ll find some for the kids, parents, and even grandma and grandpa! The legend and creator, Walt Disney, has provided us with the most magical memories through the word’s most loved animated and live action films. He’s brought us classics such as Aladdin, The Lion King, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. And of course, we can’t forget about the classic Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie, Goofy and Donald Duck!

All that’s left for you to do now is close your eyes, as you’re about to be transported into a world of magic, sparkle and happiness. Get ready to transform into your favourite Disney character at your next Disney themed party or for World Book Day! Keep reading for some of the best Disney costume ideas…


Elsa - Frozen

The first Disney character on our list is the ruler of the ice kingdom, Queen Elsa. She’s fierce and ready to turn everything into ice as her powers come back to haunt her in a bad way. She escapes far away from the land to protect her sister, creating her very own ice kingdom. Elsa eventually learns how to control her powers and is soon reunited with her sister, Anna. Let’s hope no one puts a foot wrong, otherwise they’ll be turned into ice forever… This is a top choice of Disney costume for little girls and an outfit that will have them breaking into song in an instant. 


Frozen costumes


Princess Jasmine

Our list wouldn’t be complete without this Disney character. It’s none the other than Princess Jasmine! Jasmine is tired of her mundane princess life, where she’s constantly being overprotected by her father, the Sultan. Aladdin soon arrives and changes her life as they venture off together on the magic carpet. Do you fancy becoming a bit of a rebel and marrying a fake prince? You’ll encounter the slightly eccentric blue genie…but be-careful what you wish for, as you’re only granted three wishes!

Princess Jasmine costumes


Continuing on with the theme of Arabian nights, we’re talking about the main protagonist of course, Aladdin. He’s just an ordinary guy that is slightly naughty, as he steals valuables in the markets. He soon meets the love of his life when he pretends to be a prince. Aladdin’s best friend is of course, the Magic Carpet. He relies on him to get to places that are otherwise unreachable by foot. We hope you’re not scared of heights, as the Magic Carpet will take you high up in the sky.

Aladdin costumes

Alice in Wonderland

Alice is without a doubt one of the most adventurous Disney characters out there. She believes that her curious mind will get her to places that she could only dream of. Here journey involves seeing the white rabbit, having a tea party with the Mad Hatter and playing a game of croquet with the Queen of Hearts. If you consider yourself as being a bit of an adventurer and fancy falling down the rabbit hole to kick-start this adventure, then look no further! It’s great Disney costume idea for tea parties or World Book Day.

Alice in Wonderland costumes
Mickey and Minnie

‘Some days call for extra sparkle!’

Disney wouldn’t be Disney without the cutest mouse around! Minnie Mouse, alongside her sidekick, Mickey are Disney. She’s always happy, is constantly smiling and loves to prance around in her colourful spotted dresses! Mickey on the other hand was the original Disney film character and is recognised by everyone worldwide. This duo of Disney character costumes is the perfect choice for couples!

Mickey and Minnie Mouse


Sleeping Beauty

The next character on our list of Disney costume ideas is the sweetest one of all. Aurora, otherwise known as Sleeping Beauty, is a stunning lady with long blonde hair, who has sadly been cursed by the evil witch. All that can save her is is a kiss from her one-true-love, the prince. She has the voice of an angel and any girl would love to dress up as her. If you’re looking for a new and modern take of this princess, then you best be warned of the dark fairy, Maleficent…

Sleeping Beauty costumes


Anna and Olaf - Frozen

‘Do you wanna build a snowman?’

Everyone needs a best friend that they can always count on, that will guide them through the highs and lows, and will help them find their sister. Olaf is one of the most lovable Disney characters out there and provides fun, comedic value along the way. It’s sad when we see Olaf melted away, but Anna will always cherish those fond memories with him. Tag alongside Anna as you help her find her sister this World Book Day! This is a great Disney fancy dress idea for a brother and sister.

Olaf and Anna Frozen costumes
Flynn Rider

‘How ya doin, the name’s Flynn Ryder.’

The next character we have on our ultimate guide to the best Disney character costumes is the suave, charming, and ever so slightly cheesy, Flynn Ryder. From thief to prince charming, he quickly falls in love with Rapunzel. He saves the princess from the tower, and together, they escape to a land, far, far away. If you consider yourself as a knight in shining armour, then Flynn’s the word.

Flynn Rider Costume

Cruella de Vil

One of Disney’s all-time classics is without a doubt, 101 Dalmatians. What’s not to love; especially for all you dog lovers out there! Unfortunately, things aren’t so jolly all the time, especially when the crazy and eccentric Cruella De Vil has anything to do with it. She’s ruthless and will go to all extremes with Jasper and Horace to get what she wants. With the recent release of the Cruella live action movie, she makes an excellent Disney character costume idea for any occasion.

Cruella de vil costumes



No list of Disney costume ideas would be complete without the one and only cowboy that is Woody, from the all-round family favourite, Toy Story. Woody was once Andy’s best friend. He’d spend hours upon hours with him and would take him everywhere…but that all changed when Buzz Lightyear came into the picture. Hop on Bullseye with Jessie, fall in love with Bo Peep and make friends with Forky! It’s perfect for any Disney themed event, or if you’re heading to Disneyworld with the family!

Woody costumes

Snow White

‘Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?’ Snow White is a beautiful person, both inside and out. She adores nature and makes friends with Seven (almost all) happy dwarfs, who help her along the way. This character costume idea fits ladies and girls that see themselves as the purest of them all. Note: do not accept, or eat anything suspicious, especially apples from strangers!

Snow white costumes
The Seven Dwarfs

Everyone needs a companion, or in this case, seven of them! The Seven Dwarfs come and rescue Snow White when she’s stranded in the forest and are always on hand to save the day. They all play a pivotal role in helping her through the most difficult times and create a story of true friendship. ‘Heigh ho!’

Moana is one of the newest heroes from the world of Disney and kids of all ages see her as a noble character to look up to. She takes all the risks and heads out on a mission to save her people, bumping into monsters and terrifying creatures along the way. This isn’t for the fainthearted, so if you think you’re courageous and brave, then give Moana a run for her money!

Moana costume

Peter Pan

We all know how Peter Pan feels when he refuses to grow up; being young is fun and exciting! Peter is best friends with the slightly mischievous fairy, Tinkerbell, and they embark on an adventure alongside one another. Just be careful to watch out for the evil Captain Hook, as he’ll make you walk the plank in a heartbeat! Peter Pan is a classic Disney costume idea for any birthday party, World Book Day or when dressing up on Halloween.

Tinkerbell and Peter Pan costume
Mary Poppins

It’s time to say goodbye to all modes of public transport and trust your umbrella to guide the way! Mary Poppins made us realise that magic truly exists if you just believe. She’s known to fix things and has all the tools she’ll ever need in her magical bottomless brown bag. She couldn’t do all of this without the help of her trusty friend, Bert who loves and adores her, just as much as we do. Mary Poppins and Bert are an excellent couple’s costume idea for a grown-up Disney party.

Mary Poppins costume
Monsters Inc Sulley

The next Disney character on our list is slightly scary, and just a little bit hairy. When we first think of monsters, we imagine large, terrifying creatures that’ll eat you up in one bite. Sulley, from Disney’s hit movie, Monsters Inc, is indeed a monster, but he isn’t as scary as you think. Along with his best buddy, Mike, they are Monsters Incorporated top scarers and love to intimidate kids. Make sure you look back every once in a while!

Monsters Inc Sulley Costume

Nemo and Dory

The next two characters on our ultimate guide to the best Disney costumes are the two best friends (if only she can remember), Nemo and Dory. They build a long lasting bond in the first film, where Dory helps Marlin find his son Nemo. They both do the same for Dory, as she tries to track down her parents in the second movie, Finding Dory. They make a great duo and any toddler will love dressing as their under the sea heroes.

Dory and Nemo costumes


Winne the Pooh and friends

Honey is a great alternative to pure white, or brown sugar. It’s healthier and we sure love the sticky texture is has! No one quite loves honey as much as Winnie the Pooh. He likes to stick his entire paw into the jar of honey and then licks it all off. He also loves going on adventures with Piglet and Tigger. If you’re little one is a fan of the Hundred Acre Wood characters, then they’ll love to dress as them!

Winnie The Pooh and TiggerThe Lion King

We’re finally at the end of our ultimate guide to the best Disney character costumes, but we wanted to end with an all-time Disney classic that we all love…The Lion King! Parents, grab your little one and hold them high to the sky, just like Rafiki holding Simba. Everyone knows the theme tune and you can sing it all day long when your little one wears their new outfit.
kids Lion King Simba Accessory


We’ve finally made it to the end of our ultimate guide to the best Disney character costume ideas! We hope you enjoyed reading through our top picks, so you can now give yourself your own Disney transformation. If we didn’t list your favourite character, then be sure to check out our full list of Disney costumes here. 😊