Poncho Fancy Dress

Whether you're in a rush, looking for low budget costumes or just want something easy, our Fancy Dress Ponchos are the way to go. Just slip it over your head and you're ready to party! We've got a large selection of Animal poncho's that are shower proof and ready for any British Festival. Shop Ducks, Giraffes, Zebras, Cows & Penguins. Pair these with a few of our Festival Accessories and you'll look ready for the rain, fun and music! Bestival & Glastonbury won't know what him them! How about a group Mexican fancy dress? It's one of the most iconic poncho's around and it's super colourful. It's a great low-budget unisex costume that looks hilarious when paired with a stick-on moustache! You can even arrive to your fancy dress party in a family matching outfit as it's available in Kids Sizes too. So gather your amigos, pop on your sombrero and get into the fiesta spirit. Bring on the piñata! If you're wanting to play for the other side, you can have a stand off at the rodeo dressed in this wild western inspired Poncho. We've got such a large range, you'll be unsure of which one to pick! The party will get started as soon as you rock up, so pick Next Day Delivery at the checkout to get your poncho in a flash!