Put the ‘fun’ into ‘function’ with our range of Novelty Masks. We have them weird and whacky, funny and frivolous, odd and outrageous – everything and anything you need to start horsing around (literally, if you like). From naughty nuns to grumpy grandpas and ducks to Alan Sugar. This selection of utterly random masks will guarantee you much laughter on a night out. Why not gain a few points for your next event? Our Super Size Mask is quite realistic! Who ate all the pies... you did! Start monkeying around with this Chimp on your face! Our unisex latex animal masks include a goat, horse, rabbit and more. This selection are great when worn alone for a quick, simple and last minute fancy dress, but also great when teamed with one of our Opposuits. If this range of silly disguises aren't enough for you, take a peek at all of our Masks to find something suitable for Halloween, Masquerade and more.