Adult Lobster Costume



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Remember when Phoebe from Friends said, 'he's your lobster'? Now it's your turn to pinch yourself and check it isn't a dream that you’ve the sea dwelling ten-legged crustacean! Make it snappy when it comes to crowd pleasing attire and dress up in our Adult Lobster Costume! It’s the perfect outfit for an ‘under the sea’ party or any occasion that calls for a hilarious giant sea creature.

Our Adult Lobster Costume consists of an all-in-one red tunic that includes the lobsters’ legs, ready to get grabbing. Also included are a pair of gloves that act as its claws, and finally, a detachable headpiece with a hole for your head to poke through.

Let’s just hope no-one puts you on their BBQ…


Chest: Up To 48"

Waist: Up To 40"

Height: Up to 6ft 3"

Includes: Headpiece, Tunic, Gloves