Adult Novelty Fish Finger Costume



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Have you ever been indecisive with what to wear at a fancy dress party? We have a random and brilliant costume idea for you! Our Adult Novelty Fish Finger Costume is a unique choice that goes hand in hand (or hand in crumb...) with our Captain Birdseye costume. It’s a top choice for festival, stag parties and any night out occasion. Round up your crew and party as a whole box of fish fingers! Only the best for the Captain's table.

Our Adult Novelty Fish Finger Costume is an all-in-one full body tunic that covers the entire head. The tunic looks exactly like a tasty fish finger! With the added detailing of specks to resemble the crumbs, it’ll make partygoers want to run to their nearest supermarket. Fish finger sandwich anyone?

Costume Size:

Chest up to 44"

Includes: Tunic