Our Top 15 Harry Potter Costumes

August 12, 2023

Our Top 15 Harry Potter Costumes - Fancydress.com

We all remember the tale of the boy who lived and his journey to defeat the Dark Lord, ‘he who must not be named’. It’s an all-round family classic to not only binge watch over and over again, but also read and not be able to put the book down.

Harry Potter makes an excellent fancy dress idea for themed parties, or just for dressing up with your family. We’ve put together some of our best Harry Potter costumes to give you some inspiration. 😊



Go Gryffindor!kids harry potter robe kit


It was a day to remember when Harry Potter was chosen to be placed in Gryffindor House when he first started at Hogwarts. Gryffindor is considered to be the best house, as that’s where all the famous witches and wizards graduated from. All of Harry’s closest friends and helpers, such as Ron, Hermione and The Weasley Brothers, are in the same house.

If you want to join in with Harry’s pals, grab yourself this Gryffindor robe and get yourself comfortable at the great dining hall, ready for some school announcements from Dumbledore himself.


The best house at Hogwartsadult gryffindor costume

Dressing up isn’t just for children, it’s for the adults, too! Whilst the grown-ups and teachers don’t wear house uniforms in the Harry Potter movies, you can totally rock the Gryffindor robe at a party with your friends and family!

You can even team up with your friend or child, and go against the devious Slytherin house!


Fancy a game of Quidditch?

 toddler golden snitch costume

Harry Potter is also famous for its game of Quidditch. Each year there are try outs to compete for a spot on the team. Luckily for Harry, he made the team in just his first year at Hogwarts – Draco Malfoy clearly wasn’t too pleased about that!

This costume makes a great outfit for a Harry Potter party. You can even buy some broomsticks and pretend you’re flying high in the sky. After all, haven’t we all wanted to fly around on a broom stick catching the Golden Snitch?


The best Gryffindor professor

harry potter professor mcgonagall costume


Professor McGonagall is loved by all students at Hogwarts, especially those in Gryffindor, as she is the head of the best house after all! She may appear sweet, innocent and kind, but she has a no nonsense approach, and cannot stand late attendance to classes. Watch out for her cat Animagus, as she can't be easily fooled. 


The brainy onekids hermione robe kit

 Hermione is the brains of the group and without her, Harry would have been pretty lost! Known as the know-it-all by Professor Snape, she learnt more spells in her first year at Hogwarts, than students in their final year!

If you also want to be a teacher’s pet and master of spells, dress up in this Hermione Granger costume and start casting magic to save your friends from dark and mysterious beings!


The Game Keeper


harry potter hagrid costume


Hogwarts wouldn't be the same without the big, friendly giant, Rubeus Hagrid. He keeps a close eye on Harry and his friends throughout their entire school years, helping them uncover mysteries and clues along the way. Let's hope others don't mistake your love for large tarantulas and other animals, like Buckbeak as being odd! 


Sneaky Slytherins

harry potter slytherin costume

Slytherin House is known to be the ‘bad house,’ where no-one wanted to end up, especially Harry. Mainly because of the many dark wizards that were previous members of Slytherin. He who must not be named was in Slytherin house, so he always had his watchful eye on them, especially Draco Malfoy, his archenemy.

If you’re feeling evil and want to go against Harry and his friends in Gryffindor House, you can take him on by dressing up as Draco, or maybe even Crabb and Goyle from Slytherin!


The most powerful wizard of all time

harry potter dumbledore costume

Have you ever fancied taking on the role of the mighty Dumbledore? You’re going to need a lot of strength, power, and above all, courage to become the wizarding master.  He’s the strongest wizard alive, and even Lord Voldemort can’t defeat him.

You’ll have the greatest task on your hands to make sure that Harry Potter remains safe throughout his entire time at Hogwarts, keeping a close eye on him and other threats that might come to haunt and hurt him.

It’s a great costume choice for any Harry Potter themed parties, or even for World Book Day!


The sweet house elf 

toddler dobby costume

One character who we all know and love is the cute little elf, Dobby, who's always looking out for Harry Potter and his friends. In the second film and book, The Chamber of Secrets, he even stops Harry receiving letters from his friends and jinxes his broom during Quidditch! Will Dobby one day finally be presented with some clothes, and become a freeeee elf? 


You know who...

adult voldemort costume

There's one dark lord that springs to mind from the legendary Harry Potter books and films. Tom Riddle, who's also known as Lord Voldemort is feared by all. His distorted face, long and dainty fingers and his pet snake, Nagini, all come together to create this powerful and deadly villain. Are you brave enough to turn to the dark side this World Book Day? 


Sexy Teachers PetLadies Wizarding School Uniform


Now this isn’t one of the typical Harry Potter costumes that are featured in the novels and the films, but it’s certainly a popular one for dress-up and party occasion.

This is a great costume for those who want to still dress up but be a little bit naughty at the same time! It’s great for night’s out and parties with friends!



Stay warm during winter

harry potter gryffindor scarf accessory

You're now a member of the best house at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but now it's time to look the part too. The weather can get pretty chilly during the cold winter months, so wrap up warm and show Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and above all, sneaky Slytherin how proud you are to be a true Gryffindor. 


A smart Gryffindor

harry potter gryffindor ties accessory

As a student at Hogwarts, you need to ensure you're dressed appropriately and smartly at all times, especially when the professors are on uniform patrol. Tuck your shirt in, do up your top button and put on your tie as neatly as possible - Professor Snape is watching you! 


Alright, Ron? 

Ron Weasley Costume Wig


Ronald Weasley plays a big part in the Harry Potter books and films. He’s Harry’s best friend, brother to Fred and George and (spoiler alert) finally ends up being Hermione’s boyfriend!

What makes Ron stand out from all the other characters is his bright ginger hair. You can never miss him, that’s for sure!

You can play Ron by putting on this cool Ron Weasley wig.


Which house do you belong in? 

harry potter sorting hat accessory

The legendary Sorting Hat is responsible for putting students into the four different houses - Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. It’ll take into account your preferences, but will ultimately decide for you.

When the Sorting Hat was put on Harry for the first time, he begged not to be sent into Slytherin House. Although the hat thought he would be a great fit, he listened to Harry and placed him in Gryffindor.

If you want to place your family in one of the four houses, then this Sorting House is just for you! Make sure you choose wisely!


So, there you have it, our top 15 Harry Potter costumes! They excellent for a party, Halloween, or even if you want to dress up with your family. It’s also one of the most popular themes for World Book Day. Find many more Harry Potter costume ideas and accessories in our shop area here