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Showstopping Christmas Nativity Costumes

September 04, 2020

Showstopping Christmas Nativity Costumes | Fancydress.com

It comes round once a year, so it’s always best to be prepared! Wave goodbye to the last-minute rush of trimming up bedsheets and tea-towels to throw together a very homemade costume, because here we have a selection of Nativity costumes for everyone included in the school play. Beat the rush by ordering with Next Day Delivery!


1. Joseph Nativity Costume

As one of the key characters from the Christmas story, Joseph has the job of keeping his wife safe as she gives birth to baby Jesus. Cheer on your little one as he shows off this religious attire. Why not complete the look with a face painted beard?


2. Virgin Mary Costume

If your little one gets to play Mary, you’ll be feeling like a pretty proud parent! This Virgin Mary costume is light, comfortable and easy to wear, making it perfect for little ones who are ready to make a big performance. Why not try it in your own size? We have a whole range of nativity costumes for adults, including Joseph and Angel Gabriel too!


3. Guardian Angel

Having the role of the guardian angel, Gabriel, is an important part to play. Your child will love this nativity costume, complete with gold dress, wings, and halo; and it can even make another appearance at World Book Day if you wish!


4. Innkeeper Nativity Outfit

A nativity costume that’s also a fun part to play, this innkeeper costume will have your son or daughter practising the line, “There’s no room at the inn!”. With this unisex costume, no little one will be left out of the casting!


5. Nativity Sheperd Costume

Next up in the story, angel Gabriel visits a few shepherds to tell them the news of the arrival of baby Jesus. This Shepherd costume is one of many we sell, it features the classic gown and headpiece, and is at a bargain price too!


6. Wise Men/Three Kings Costume

If your child has been chosen to be one of the three kings, then the wise men costume is the perfect nativity outfit for them. Send them on stage with some gold, frankincense, and myrrh and let them have their big moment!


7. Star Nativity Costume

Your child will quite literally become the star of the show in this nativity Star Costume. The Star of Bethlehem led the three wise men to baby Jesus in his manger. Your little one will shine bright and have center stage in this funny and unique Christmas fancy dress costume!


8. Woolly Lamb Costume

The play would not be complete without the part of the stable animals! Your little one may have a smaller role, but it’s just as important when gathering around Jesus! This lamb costume is the perfect nativity outfit, and since it’s a super snuggly onesie, it can be worn all Christmas!


9. Shepherd’s Camel Costume

Dressing up as one of the three king’s Camel’s is a perfect way to get into the spirit of the play. This nativity costume is comfortable, durable and easy-to-wear. Your little one simply steps inside, closes the zip up front and pops the hood to be ready for their moment on stage!


10. Little Donkey Costume

Little donkey, little donkey, on the dusty road! Playing the part of Mary & Joseph’s donkey is an important one. Watch your little one plod along to Bethlehem this Christmas in this comfortable nativity costume.



That completes our round-up of the ultimate Nativity play costumes. Remember that no one shall be left behind, we have adult nativity costumes too, as well as a whole host of animal costumes for the smaller roles. Enjoy the festive season without the stress and worry of DIY by ordering a costume today with same-day shipping. Looking for something more exciting? Shop our hilarious selection of Christmas costumes by clicking here.