Night out costume ideas to get the party started

May 10, 2023

Night out costume ideas to get the party started -

Are you planning a big night out with friends and want to make it one to remember? Whether you’re heading out on a hen or stag party, a Birthday celebration, or just fancy a night out with your friends in style, then we’ve got some eye-catching night out costume ideas for you!

Fancy dress allows you to become anyone or anything you want – there aren’t any rules! Bring out your inner 80’s diva as you transform into a disco queen, dress up as your favourite brand of beer with your best mate, or even head out as the 90’s plumber that we all know and love, Mario.

We’ve put together a list of our favourite night out costume ideas to give you some outfit inspiration for your next party event. Dressing up isn’t just for the kids!


The top babysitter of the year, Alan!

The first costume on our list of party costume ideas guide is none the other than Alan from the hit movie, The Hangover. He might not be the best nanny in the world and may need to learn a thing or two about having his friends’ backs, but he can sure make you laugh! Let’s just hope you take on the role of ‘daddy’ a bit more seriously than Alan, and remember: don’t drop the baby!

adult alan the hangover costume

Hygiene buddies

It’s important to stay clean after popping to the toilet, so why not be that gentle reminder to everyone at the party to wash their hands and clean their behind? If you’re going to a stag do, then these costumes are a perfect fit! Hygiene friends for life!

hand sanitiser and toilet roll costume

80s disco divas

Find the disco diva within and bring out your wild 80’s side. If you were born in the 80’s, then Madonna and Kylie would have been your ultimate style icons; big hair and bright clothes were such a hit back then. An 80s look would be most welcome at any decade themed party, or for a hen do, so gather the girls and get your vogue on!  

80s dress and 80s t shirt costume

The Pet Investigator

Are you a lover of animals? Do you consider yourself as a bit of an investigator who loves solving mysteries? If so, then transform yourself into Jim Carey, The Pet Investigator. It’s a great choice for a Halloween party, stag do, or for any 80’s themed party. Let’s just hope you manage to find all of the lost animals and don’t let any more go missing!

pet investigator costume

The King of Rock

Next up on our list of night out costume ideas is a pop icon that’s known for his incredible stage presence. Freddie Mercury, the frontman of Queen, is a musician that took stages by storm, creating rock ballads that would live on for centuries. Do you see yourself as a bit of an entertainer? Don Freddie’s Rockstar King look and you’ll parade into the party with a trail of screaming girls. This is a night out costume idea that requires accompanying vocals!

rockstar king costume

Country Queen

Are you ready to unleash your inner diva? You’ll be looking like the stunning Dolly Parton in no time, as you take to the mic and sing your heart out to, ‘9 to 5’. If you want to show off in front of your mates on your upcoming stag do, then now’s your chance, partner.

mens queen of country costume

You Are What You Eat

A slightly more controversial night out costume idea that’s going to get a lot of gasps and laughs is ‘You are what you eat’. Giving the impression of an intimate night under the covers, it can be worn by a guy or a girl at any party event where you want to cause a stir. Have fun practicing those ‘O’ faces as you scream in excitement!

you are what you eat costume

Caution, wet floor ahead!

After a couple of drinks, things can get a little messy… People start falling after spilling their drink all over themselves and there may be a few little accidents. This is where bright yellow wet floor sign will come in handy, ensuring that slips are kept to a minimum. Of course, it can also hold a different and slightly ruder connotation, depending on how you read it…

wet floor sign costume

Fox and The Fox Hunter

Do you remember the fun drinking game that’s highly popular for birthdays, but also for student nights out and stag parties? Fox and the Fox Hunter is a very messy drinking game where some of the group dress as foxes and hide in the nearest bars. The other half of the group then dress up and try to chase them down, resulting in a lot of drinking! It’s the new ‘pub golf’ and makes the perfect costume idea for a group night out.

fox and the fox hunter costumes

1920s Flapper Girls

The next costume on our list of party costume ideas is the roaring 20’s flapper girl. They ooze in style, glamour and sass and their dresses are simply stunning. They also love to accessorise with a fluffy feather boa and a feather headband. Waltz into the party and ensure everyone will have eyes on you at your upcoming 1920s themed party. This is a classy night out costume idea for all the ladies out there.

1920s flapper girls costumes

The Fresh Prince of Bell Air

If you’re a 90s kid, you’re surely going to remember Will Smith in his early acting career as The Fresh Prince, where he heads to Bel Air to learn a life lesson or two. If you’re Smith’s number one fan and fancy going back to his roots at your upcoming 90’s themed party, then this is the look for you.

mens 90s freshest prince costumePub golf, anyone?

Have you ever wanted to change your career path? Fanny becoming the next Tiger Woods? It’s time to put your skills to the test and see how many ‘holes in one’ you can get. Of course, there’s an added twist, as this game requires copious amounts of drinking. Pub golf is the perfect fancy dress drinking game for student nights out, get-to-togethers or hen and stag parties. Parade around the bars and down your drinks in as few sips as possible.

pub golf costume

It’s time to play

Are you ready to unleash your wild side? If so, then you’re going to need a helping hand with our useful friend, Mr Lube. This Lube Bottle costume is perfect for nights out where you want to attract attention and cause barrels of laughs everywhere you go. It’s naughty, rude and a lot of fun to wear.. Some may not require your assistance, but others will, so be sure to make a good impression at the party!

lube bottle costume

It’s a-me, Mario!

No matter the decade you were born in, you’re guaranteed to recognise this familiar video game character face. Do you remember spending hours upon hours trying to defeat the evil Bowser, in the hope you’ll be able to rescue princess? You can now re-live the childhood days that provided you with great entertainment, but also a headache at times, at your next 90s themed night out. Mario and friends are a night out costume classic that everyone will like.

super mario costumes

Mexican fiesta

There ain’t no party like a Mexican party! When we think of Mexico, we imagine bright colours, Day of The Dead and its tasty cuisine. And that’s exactly what a Mexican-themed night out should entail! Don brightly coloured ponchos, fake moustaches and a pair of maracas, then head out to town. It’s a quick and easy costume idea for any night out occasion. Just make sure you do the country proud and even have a tequila shot, or two!

mexican costumes

Your favourite alcoholic beverages

No party would be a real party without your favourite alcoholic drink! Whether you’re team Corona, Heineken, or Budweiser, get your mates together and dress up as your favourite brand of beer for a night to remember. Please drink responsibly.

alcoholic drink costumes

Naughty nurses

The next costume on our list of night out costume ideas is one for those with a cheeky personality. Naughty nurses are hard to come by, but when you meet one, you’re in for a right treat and will be in very good hands! Slip into something a little naughty for your upcoming hen party with the girls and be on standby for any emergencies that require mouth-to-mouth.

nurse costumes

Top Gun

Are you ready to become of the navy’s top aviators? Do you love a challenge? If so, then it’s your time to go back to where you belong, as you become the courageous test pilot ‘Maverick’. Head for the skies at your mate’s stag party, or for your next decade themed do. With the release of the new Top Gun movie, this night out costume idea is going to be a hit for some time!

top gun costumes

Toga party

Long gone are the days where you wear your old bed sheet for your night out! It’s time to add a bit of style to your look as you rock the Greek god or goddess look for the ultimate toga party! It’s great for any night out with friends, university parties or a Greek themed night. It’s also very budget friendly.

toga costumes

Ahoy, sailor

The final outfit on our list of party costume ideas is one for those who love a guy or girl in uniform. Become a real-life Below Deck cast member as you transform into the queen of the sea. And a ship can’t run with just one crew member, so don’t forget to get your friends involved too!

ladies sailor dress costume

We hope you enjoyed our night out costume ideas guide and found something to spice up your big evening out. Dressing up really adds a new dimension to a night with friends and the attention you’ll get is way better than any snazzy cocktail dress or dapper shirt and jeans. 😊

If you weren’t able to find the perfect outfit for your upcoming party, then be sure to check out the rest of our night out costumes here