New Years Costume Ideas for Your Upcoming NYE Party

October 30, 2023

New Years Costume Ideas for Your Upcoming NYE Party -

Welcome to our New Year’s Eve costume ideas guide for 2022! Christmas may soon be over, but 2022 is still with us, so if you’re planning an epic night out with friends or family and want to see in the New Year with style in a fantastic outfit, check out some of our favourite ideas below.

Themed fancy dress New Year’s Eve parties are all the rage, from the glitz and glam of Hollywood, to decades such as 1920’s, 70’s, 80’s and more. Are you throwing or attending a themed event this year? Find plenty of inspiration in our blog post. Even if you’re just having a small get-together at home, there’s always an opportunity to dress up to the nines!


Disco dude

We’re starting our list of New Year’s costume ideas with an outfit that screams ultimate Elvis vibes. If you’re a fan of gold and fancy showing off a bit of skin at the party, then this one’s for you. Go solo or team up with a partner with one of our disco queen costumes below!adult disco man costume

Disco diva

No party would be a true party without a diva, so why not become the queen of disco at this year’s New Year’s party? Often, less is more, and this all-in-one jumpsuit will make your life that bit easier. Hit that dancefloor and show off those 70’s moves you’ve been practicing.

disco queen costume

80s fashionista

Calling all 80’s kids, we have the ideal costumes for you! The 80’s decade was a time of style, class and most importantly… no fashion rules! We’re talking skinny trousers, bright colours, sweatbands and multicoloured beads. Team up with your bestie and show others how to really achieve that golden 80s look.

80s womens costumes

G & T

Next up on our list of New Year’s costume ideas is one for those who love a classic Gin and Tonic. It’s refreshing, it’s cooling and it’s a really classy drink. Gin can’t be without its tonic, so why not get your friend or partner involved, and become the ultimate G&T duo?

adult gin & tonic 2 in 1 costume

Toga King & Queen

The Greeks and Romans always knew how to throw a good party, and the theme is catching on in 2022. This New Year, the Toga is still a classic look to go for, no matter what the occasion. Throw your own toga party or attend a grand Greek ball! Put your old bedsheet away and opt for something a little more fitted and sophisticated for this year’s New Year’s Eve party.


toga costume

Top Gun fever

If you haven’t seen the new Top Gun movie with Tom Cruise, then what’re you waiting for? Take to the skies and save lives as Maverick and Goose from the classic film. It’s such a cool outfit choice, and whilst it may not be as dressy as some others on our list, everyone will recognise you from a mile away. Happy flying pilot!

adult fighter pilot aviator costume


Flapper girls

The next costume on our list of glamorous New Year’s costume ideas is one for the ladies out there who love all the glitz and dazzle! Step back several decades to the roaring 1920s and become a lady of true style and elegance. You can match with your friends in different coloured dresses, or team up with your partner as the ultimate flapper and gangster duo for your upcoming 20s party.


1920s flapper girls



90s cool

Hands up if you were born in the 90s? Even if you weren’t, the 90s was a time of flared jeans, bucket hats and legends like Nelly and Missy Elliot brought us some of the best hip hop tunes of all time. Heading to a 1990s throwback party on NYE? Relive the good old days with your partner, or even stand out from the crowd and go alone. Either way, you’ll be the trendiest hip hop guy or gal at the party!


90s costumes


The icons of Nintendo

Whilst we’re going through the decades, we’re staying in the 90s era and heading into the crazy world of Super Mario, navigating through pipes, and jumping over mushrooms in order to save the princess. It’s a great costume idea for a New Year’s Eve fancy dress party where all themes are on the table and you want ‘fun’ over ‘glam’. So, grab your right-hand man, or woman, and become the best duo around!

super mario costumes

Mexican fever

Add a dash of spice and tequila this New Year’s Eve and give off those Mexican vibes at the party. Mexico is home to delicious food and a vibrant culture, so if you’re looking for a unique outfit that’ll make you the centre of attention at the party, then this is it. There are many other Mexican costumes on our website here, so why not get the whole crew involved *insert link*  It’s one of the best group New Year’s Eve costume ideas on our list. 

Mexican costumes

Hole in one

Next up on our list of New Year’s Eve costume ideas is one for the competitive guys and gals out there. If you fancy becoming the next golf pro or want to give yourself a bar hopping challenge, then we hope you’ve been practicing your swing, put and ability to down a drink in one. Pub golfers is a fun dress up idea that’s great for couples or larger groups.

pub golf costume

Cheers to a New Year!

No New Year’s Eve party would be a true party without a beverage or two! If you’re looking to get a little merry with friends over a pint this New Year’s Eve, then why not become that reminder to never have your hands empty?

beer bottle costumes

Big Ben – Clock strikes midnight

If you’re a London gal, or simply love the age-old tradition of the clock striking midnight and the fireworks launching into the air, you're going to love this costume idea. Head to the party or ball before the clock strikes midnight. Here’s to not doing a Cinderella and losing your glass slipper along the way!

big ben dress costume


Even though we’re not celebrating Eurovision, you can still dress up and transform into a member of the legendary Scandinavian band, Abba! We’re talking sparkles, tight-fitted flared leggings and platforms! You’ll definitely be crowned the dancing queen at this year’s New Year’s party...

abba costumes

The party starting DJ

Next up on our list of NYE costume ideas is an essential to get the party started and in full swing! No party is a true party without some epic tunes. So, crank up the volume and showcase some of the best hits of the past 12 months this New Year's Eve!

music costumes

The legend of baseball

This New Year, why not transform into your favourite celebrity and re-create a scene from the movie, Rocketman? Elton throws his own huge party every NYE and now you can become the legend himself.

 mens baseball star costume

Hangover Alan

The final costume on our list of New Year’s Eve costume ideas resembles what you’ll all be like the day after New Year’s Eve. You might have a baby in one hand, and a glass of water in the other, either way, Hangover Alan will be proud of you! It’s an outfit idea for all the party veterans out there that want to make it a night to remember (or forget, depending on the amount of drinks consumed).

adult alan the hangover costume

We hope you enjoyed reading through our choices of New Year’s Eve costume ideas and can use our inspiration to choose the perfect outfit. If you weren’t able to find anything, be sure to check out our full range of party costume ideas here.

We wish you all a very happy and fun New Year!