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25 of the Best Men’s Halloween Costume Ideas

September 03, 2022

25 of the Best Men’s Halloween Costume Ideas -

Get ready for Halloween with our cool collection of men’s Halloween costume ideas. They’re based on current movie and TV trends and pop culture themes and also include plenty of classics. Scary and creepy or remarkably stylish and stand-out? You decide!

Read on for our top 25 men’s fancy dress costumes.


1. Cousin Itt

Embrace your hairy side by dressing as everyone’s favourite Addams Family character, Cousin Itt. He’s a super-long haired being with shades and a bowler hat, that speaks with a high-pitched voice that only the other family members can understand. With a new animated Addams Family movie, everyone will know exactly who you are and you’ll be a big hit at your Halloween party! View our whole Addams Family selection here.



2. Day of the Dead Senor Bones

Mexico’s “Dia de los Muertos” or “Day of the Dead” is an annual celebration of deceased ancestors, celebrating their lives with parades, parties and a unique fancy dress theme. The festival has become famous worldwide, with its cool costume appearance now being a big hit for Halloween. There’s no denying the painted-on sugar skull face looks brilliant and this Senor Bones costume will suit you perfectly for the theme.



3. Voodoo Dapper Skeleton

This Voodoo Dapper Skeleton Costume reminds us of the voodoo villain Baron Samedi from the James Bond: Live and Let Die movie. The eerie make-up and clothing of a mysterious voodoo tribesman will send shivers down the spine of your Halloween party guests and we think it’s one of the best-looking men’s Halloween costumes around. Accompany your costume with some bones and voodoo death artefacts!



4. Freddy Krueger

Men’s Halloween costumes can’t get any better than Freddy Krueger – a Halloween movie classic that’s had so many re-makes we’ve lost count. The scarred-face serial killer uses his sharp claw glove to kill his victims in their dreams, which also causes them to die in real life – if that doesn’t keep you up at night, we don’t know what will! His terrifying persona perfectly fits the Halloween theme and the other party guests will be freaked out, especially if they’re a child of the 1970s or 1980s! This Freddy Krueger costume portrays his appearance really well.



5. Zombieland Zombie

Zombies will always be a Halloween classic to dress as – they simply never get old! (Get it?) With TV series such as The Walking Dead and the upcoming Zombieland: Double Tap movie, 2022 is the perfect year to crawl out of your crypt and stumble around the streets on Halloween, making groaning sounds and looking for your next human victim. Here are some of our favourite zombie costumes below. Men’s Halloween costumes have never been so easy!



6. Pennywise the Clown

Creepy clowns have long been associated with horror movies and Halloween, and they seem to get scarier and scarier each year. Some people are terrified by them!! Use that to your advantage and become Pennywise the Clown, the horrifying character from the IT horror movie. The original was a huge success and IT Chapter Two hit cinemas last year, giving you the perfect opportunity to capture the limelight as Pennywise. This Pennywise mens Halloween costume features his victorian inspired clown top complete with neck ruffle and a latex mask!



7. Freddie Mercury

Queen’s Live Aid performance of 1985 at Wembley is regarded as the best live music performance of all time and there’s no denying Freddie Mercury was an amazing artist! Become the late rock and pop legend yourself by dressing in one of his iconic costume styles. Freddie is a music legend and with last year's release of the Bohemian Rhapsody movie, he’s a great Halloween costume idea.



8. Giant Inflatable T-Rex

If you don’t mind paying a little extra for your Halloween costume to be the best dressed at the party, inflatable dinosaur fancy dress is the way to go! Giant T-Rex and Triceratops costumes will double your size and encourage a trail of laughs in your wake. Can you imagine stomping around the dancefloor with your friends, all dressed as a T-Rex? It’s a big, bold and brilliant men’s Halloween dress-up idea.



9. Black and White Jester

Embrace the sinister circus theme and go for an Evil Black and White Jester costume this Halloween for a frightening appearance that will make an unsuspecting friend jump. Pop-out from behind doors, hide in an elevator or sneak up on your family members. This medieval-style jester is both creepy and realistic and the perfect mens Halloween costume.



10. Circus Ringmaster

No-one ever imagined how successful and well-liked The Greatest Showman movie would be. It’s a Hollywood hit that’ll be watched for years to come and now you can create your own musical extravaganza. Dress in a bold ringmaster costume, practice your best show-voice and lead your circus of friends into the Halloween party. Don’t forget your bearded lady and strongman!



11. Wacky Waving Man

Use them however you wish, to enhance your business, keep grandma company or just to confuse your neighbours – but have you ever thought about becoming one at your next fancy dress party? This Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man costume is such a winner for any costume party. It’s unique, hilarious and easy to assemble, so you’ll be catching all eyes at the Halloween party. Funny Halloween costumes are all the rage, and this one is sure to make you chuckle.



12. City Saving Superhero

Your Halloween costume doesn’t have to be scary! A superhero outfit is a refreshing alternate theme to the traditional dark costumes and they’re always a top choice, particularly for groups. Whilst there are far too many superhero costumes to list, classics such as the original Batman and Superman will also be popular, whilst costumes inspired by new movies Aquaman and the Avengers: Endgame are destined to be popular this year. Which superhero will you be? See them all by clicking here!



13. Roman Gladiator/Spartan

Nothing is more macho, heroic and bravado as an ancient Greek Spartan warrior or Roman Gladiator. These war heroes of the past advanced hand-to-hand combat and marched into battle without fear. Inspire your costume by the 300 movie or Rome TV series and march into the party with your guns out and dressed in a traditional Greek or Roman toga. “Spartaaaans, assemble!” A great men’s Halloween costume idea for a group of mates.



14. Dark Mad Hatter

Alice in Wonderland isn’t just for the ladies. The Mad Hatter from the story is a quirky, funny and energetic character to portray that both kids and adults will appreciate. Alice in Wonderland was one of the most popular themes for Halloween in 2018 and it’s destined to be big this year! A Dark Mad Hatter Costume is the perfect fit for Halloween, giving the hatter a devious makeover.



15. Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice is a wacky Halloween movie classic that will always be a cool men’s Halloween fancy dress idea, simply for how cool the costume looks. Suit up as the main character ‘Beetlejuice’ in his pinstripe black and white outfit, paint your face ghostly-white and put on a wacky wig. It’s a stand-out men’s Halloween costume classic and great for couples – there’s a female version too!



16. Vintage Clown Suit

Clown, Clowns and more Clowns! The world can’t get enough of them! Circus fever has well and truly hit, on the back of the recent IT movie and The Greatest Showman. Searching for a Mens Halloween costume couldn’t be easier. Whipping on a patterned suit like this Vintage Clown Halloween Suitmeister means that you can be Halloween party-ready in seconds. Team this suit up with a mask, weapon or face paint if you wish, and get the party started as a crazed killer clown!



17. Game of Thrones Heroes of Westeros

Whatever your thoughts were on the final season of Game of Thrones, there’s no denying that it’s still one of the most epic TV series of all time and the characters of the storyline were excellent! 2019 was the year of that Game of Thrones ended and now is the perfect time to continue the hype by dressing as your favourite character. White Walkers, Jon Snow and Tormund Giantsbane all make top-notch men’s Halloween costume ideas.



18. Ronald McDonald

The biggest fast-food chain in the world once had a bumbling clown as its mascot and he’s well known across the globe. Did you find him charming or creepy? Whatever look you’re going for, dressing as the most popular clown in the world is sure to make you stand out from the crowd with his brightly coloured red and yellow costume. Hand out Big Macs and fries and you’ll be loved by everyone!



19. Captain Birdseye & Fish Finger

“Aye Aye Captain!” If a funny Halloween costume is your top priority this year, a couples costume of Captain Birdseye and a giant fish finger will suit you and your best buddy perfectly. Birdseye fish fingers have carried a legacy in the UK and have rightfully become a national cuisine icon for kids and adults everywhere. Show your appreciation and dress to impress. You’ll get a good laugh out of it!



20. The Grim Reaper

Nothing quite says Halloween like the bringer of death, the transporter to the underworld, The Grim Reaper! Arrive on the doorstep of the party and have the guest’s paranoid. Their time is up when you arrive in a realistic men’s Grim Reaper costume. Complete the look with a giant scythe accessory and rock out on the dance floor to your favourite tunes.



21. Toy Army Man

Relive playing with your plastic toy soldiers in your childhood or command your unit of troops as Sarge the Toy Soldier from Toy Story. This unique Toy Soldier costume gives you the appearance of the toy that everyone recognises! With the Toy Story 4 movie released recently, this costume is a huge success! Why not dress your friends as fellow toy soldiers or Buzz, Woody and Jessie?



22. Billy the Puppet

“I want to play a game…”
If you like your Halloween movies gory and blood-soaked, you’ll be very familiar with this little face! Billy the puppet from the SAW movie franchise is forever a horror icon! Whether you want to wear a mask or do the makeup, this costume is instantly recognisable to both adults and kids alike! It’s the ultimate Saw costume and great for anyone scared of creepy dolls and puppets!



23. Donald Trump

Good old Donald is still causing controversy in congress, and his shocking persona and distinct appearance makes him a comical politician to dress as for Halloween. “Make Halloween Great Again” with a trademark Trump suit with a red tie and realistic looking mask. Oh, and can’t forget his slogan hat! Your friends will giggle even more if you turn up in the inflatable Big Baby Trump Costume, start throwing your toys out the pram and get down on the dance floor!



24. Chucky Doll

Turn up to the Halloween party in the best 80’s evil doll around with the mens Chucky costume. Complete with Chucky’s iconic blue dungarees and striped top, this evil-faced murderous doll just needs a knife in hand to look even more natural! Take a look through our Chucky costumes for more inspiration!

 Mens Chucky Halloween Costume


25. Bloodthirsty Vampire

Our list of mens Halloween outfit ideas wouldn’t be complete without including a blood-sucking vampire of the night. The Bloodthirsty Vampire costume is our favourite! It’s bold, smart and perfects the mythical appearance of what we imagine Count Dracula would look like. Combine it with white face paint, fake blood and some fangs and you’ll be hungry for some special vampire kisses.



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Halloween is just around the corner and we’re sure we’ve helped inspire you with ideas for your costume. Go for a Halloween classic costume based on a scary movie, dress up in outfits based on the latest pop-culture trends and TV series or choose a hilarious out-of-the-box costume that others won’t dream of. View our full collection of men’s Halloween costumes in our online store here.