9 Game of Thrones Costumes inspired by your favourite Westeros characters

September 07, 2020

9 Game of Thrones Costumes inspired by your favourite Westeros characters - Fancydress.com

Game of Thrones is one of the top-rated TV series of all time and it’s very clear why! Epic battles, intriguing character storylines and twists and plot changes at every episode are all reasons why we love it. If you’re a big fan like us, you’ll definitely want to become one of the characters from the series for your next fancy dress party, whether it be Halloween, a special birthday or your own GOT house party.

Read on for 9 Game of Thrones costumes featuring your favourite characters of Westeros.

Warning: the following ideas may feature some spoilers if you haven’t watched up until Season 8 of Game of Thrones.


1. The Mother of Dragons – Daenerys Targaryen Costume

Daenerys is the Dragon Queen that built a travelling empire before marching on the Seven Kingdoms to claim the throne, alongside her Unsullied warriors and Jon Snow. Notoriously ruthless with a despise for slavery, she’s met many friends and enemies along her path and is now one of the most supported characters to take claim of the Iron Throne. Become the beautiful but deadly Mother of Dragons yourself by combining a custom dress with a Khaleesi Mother of Dragons wig. Daenerys has a variety of different outfits throughout the Game of Thrones series so pick your favourite and add the wig as a finishing touch! You could even accessorise with some soft-toy dragon props to perfect the look!


2. The King of the North – Jon Snow Costume

Jon Snow, King of the North, is everyone’s favourite Game of Thrones character! He has a kind heart, but he’s also a courageous warrior, saving the Freefolk beyond the wall, falling in love with his Freefolk woman Ygritte and later leading the armies of the north to take a stand against the White Walkers. His dashing appearance is perfectly suited for the cold weather of the Wall and Winterfell, sporting a large fur coat and lots of layers. Become Jon yourself with an authentic Jon Snow costume. All you need is a sword and you’re ready to march into battle! Jon’s costume is similar to many of those of the Night’s Watch so gather your friends and go to the party dressed as a group of ‘Night’s Watch’ guardians.


3. The Night King – White Walker Costume

White Walkers are the chilling un-dead warriors that have emerged north of the wall and are eager to invade the Seven Kingdoms, converting everyone to their powerful army. Although the heroes of Westeros are building a valiant last stand against the walkers, they’ve already destroyed everything in their path and have built up a battalion of Free-folk ready to attack. Their one weakness is dragon-glass! March into the party or a Halloween event dressed as a White Walker by combining this authentic White Walker mask with ice-white overalls, or normal clothes completely spray painted white. It’s a tricky costume to pull off but you’ll look excellent when complete! For a quick and easy White Walker costume, simply wear the mask alongside your own clothes – everyone will still recognise you.


4. The Wicked Queen – Cersei Lannister Costume

Cersei is one of the most devious and feared personas in King’s Landing. Mother of 3 children that she loves very much, she’ll stop at nothing to seize power of the Seven Kingdoms and ensure that her kids are reigning kings. She’s a main character that is hated by many and is always conjuring a plan of how she can betray allies and ensure the Lannister family retains power. Just as any royal queen, she wears regal ‘renaissance’ style outfits that radiate elegance and expensive taste. This Renaissance Maiden Costume is a perfect look for those looking to become Cersei Lannister. All you need is a short blonde bob wig and there’s no stopping you ruling over the kingdom! You may also wish to portray her with the long blonde wavy hair that she had in seasons 1 and 2.


5. The King’s Bodyguard – The Hound Helmet

Once the feared bodyguard of the king and then a lost mercenary that made an unsuspecting bond with Arya Stark, The Hound is a character that has grown on us as the series has progressed. Super-strong and ruthless, nothing seems to stop the Hound and he’ll do whatever it takes to find his way in the world of Westeros. His costume may be difficult to pull off as the actor that plays The Hound is a staggering 1.98m, however this Hound mask will let everyone know who you are, bearing the authentic detail featured on screen as Joffrey’s bodyguard. Accompany your Game of Thrones Hound mask with a medieval-style outfit and you’ll be a force to be reckoned with!


6. Freefolk Warrior – Tormund Costume

Being from the north, the Freefolk have a very similar appearance to Nordic Vikings, sporting big beards, burly builds and rustic weaponry. Become one of the coolest Freefolk warriors of them all, the great Tormund, and march into the party looking ruthless! Tormund Giantsbane is one of the leaders of the Freefolk under Mance Rayder and he has a heart of gold when he’s not at war. His budding friendship with Jon Snow has made them strong allies ready to defend the north against the White Walkers and they’ve been brothers in arms ever since he was rescued by Jon. Don Tormund’s mighty Viking soldier appearance with this costume and combine it with a big beard and fake weapons to complete his iconic look.


7. The Red Woman – Melisandre Costume

Melisandre is the mysterious priestess that follows the Lord of Light. She once stood by Stannis Baratheon until he was defeated in battle, and has left a trail of innocent death’s in her past at the will of her god. Her most iconic on-screen moment was reviving Jon Snow after he was betrayed by the Night’s Watch, however she was then banished after Jon found out about her destructive past. Capture the alluring appearance of the Lady in Red yourself by becoming Melisandre for a party or night out! Her seductive rose-red robes are exactly that of this Red Riding Hood Outfit, making a good alternative use for the costume. Combine the red robes with a vibrant red wig and you’ll look just like the priestess.


8. The Kingslayer – Jaime Lannister

Before Jaime lost his arm in battle, he was a feared soldier and leader of the Lannister armies under his father. As the story has evolved, Jaime seems to have adapted a softer side, though he still shares strong feelings for the evil Cersei Lannister, his sister. We’re really intrigued to see how his story unveils and we have a feeling he still has a big part to play! In battle, Jaime wears valiant knight’s armour and wields a heavy broadsword. Create a similar look, that of a Medieval Knight, with this Noble Knight Costume. You could even print out the golden lion symbol of the House of Lannister and stick it to the front of the tunic. Accessorise with a sword and a blonde wig and you’ll be ready to slay some kings!


9. The Widower Queen – Margaery Tyrell Costume

Margaery is a daughter of Mace Tyrell and is part of one of the wealthiest and powerful families in the Game of Thrones world. Seemingly innocent at first impression, Margaery is cunning, smart and mindful, skilfully edging her way into King’s Landing to become queen and heir to the throne. Margaery is a pretty and likeable character and now you can portray her yourself! She wears brightly coloured medieval-style robes of royalty and is undeniably one of the better dressed characters in the story. Create her elegant princess appearance with an Enchanted Empress Outfit and perfect the character look with a crown or tiara.



Once you’ve picked out your perfect Game of Thrones character costume, accessorise with fake swords, axes, shields, jewellery and other medieval style weaponry to create the ultimate Game of Thrones fancy dress. Whether you’re creating your own outfit or want an all-in-one solution ready for the party, our character fancy dress ideas are sure to inspire you!

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