The best baby Halloween costume ideas

August 10, 2023

The best baby Halloween costume ideas -

Hello and welcome to our ultimate guide to the best baby Halloween costumes for 2023. It’s time to swap Huggies and Pampers for something a little more suited for spook season! Halloween isn’t always about putting on your scariest mask and costume either, it’s also about transforming your little ones into a bundle of joy this October 31st. Afterall, who could be frightened of a baby vampire? From animals to spiders and pumpkins, we have a variety of different baby Halloween costume ideas from new-borns to age 2, so you’re bound to find the perfect costume for your little angel (or devil).

Check out our top baby Halloween costume ideas below for some inspiration! 😊


Ghost Girl 

We’re starting off our list of the best baby Halloween costumes with one of the most recognised symbols of Halloween, the ghost. Forget about Casper the friendly ghost, as it's all about the cute little girl ghost this October. She's friendly and will do no harm to anybody. After all, how can you be afraid of her?

ghost baby girl costume

Pumpkin Princess

It’s time to carve some pumpkins with a scary pair of eyes and mouth, leaving them outside your front door. Pumpkins don’t always have to be so spooky, so why not pop your little princess in our pumpkin costume? You won’t be able to make her look scary, even if you tried!

Baby Pumpkin Princess Costume

Witch & Famous

We’re moving on to a classic character to dress up as for Halloween. They’re mean, they love working on new spells and are always accompanied by their pet cat.  No matter what face your precious witch will pull, they won’t be as half as scary as the witches from Hocus Pocus! She’ll be casting spells like no other in our Witch & Famous Costume…Sabrina The Teenage Witch to be anyone?

Baby witch and famous costumeI Love My Mummy

Those tall, unidentified characters wrapped up tightly in white fabric are pretty scary, making a great costume for Halloween. How about we combine the mummy-factor with the cute-factor for your baby? He might have a dark side at times, but you’ll always know that he adores you with all his heart as he wears the I Love My Mummy Costume.

 Baby I love my mummy costume

Silly Spider

It’s time for your little one to start spinning some webs this Halloween, as it’s just around the corner. Let’s face it, spiders aren’t the cutest of creatures and they’re often found lurking in the night on the floors, walls and even the beds… However, not all spiders will make you want to run away. Transform your child into the 8-legged creature this Halloween. They’ll look so spinningly cute with their head popping out from the costume.

Baby Silly spider costumeCount Cutie

It’s time to move over, Count Dracula, as there’s a new vampire in town! Vampires are known for their sharp fangs, hunger for human blood and their pale skin…and overall make a pretty terrifying Halloween character. Transform your little one into a milder version (without the scary fangs and blood!). This is one of our favourite baby Halloween costume ideas!

baby count cutie costumeCaptain Stinker

The time has come to take charge of your own ship and set sail to the seven seas, captain! They’ll be all hands-on deck with no slacking, and for those who do, then there’s no other option than to walk the plank. He’ll look like a cheeky pirate straight from Pirates of The Caribbean, but be sure not to mistake his cuteness for kindness! Oooargh!

baby captain stinker costumeGoofy Gator

The next costume on our list of the best baby Halloween costume ideas is not your traditional Halloween character. It’s time to dig your teeth into our Goofy Gator costume. If your baby is a lover of animals but fancies something a little more dangerous this Halloween, this is the croc for them (just watch out for those sharp gnashers!).

Baby goofy gator costumeSpotty Leopard

Whilst this costume may not seem like your typical baby Halloween costume idea, leopards belong to the feline group and as we all know, cats are extremely popular to dress up as for Halloween. Your baby will look super cute and spotty in our Leopard onesie. She’ll be perfecting her ‘meow’ in no time!

Baby Leapin Leopard CostumeSergeant Duty

Let your baby take charge of the gang this Halloween as chief baby! He may not look as threatening as a real police officer, but he won’t take any nonsense and will demand full order! You can even team with a toy dog to act as his companion.

Baby Sergeant Duty CostumeTime out

We’re taking it to the naughty side of our list of baby Halloween costumes, and we’re talking about those bad criminals locked up in jail. When Halloween comes around, they all try to escape! Whilst your baby is as good as gold, they might be a little cheeky from time to time, and if so, then our escaped criminal onesie is a great fit.

Baby Time out costume

Cheeky Monkey

Instead of just calling your little one a cheeky monkey, why not turn them into one? Monkeys love to swing off trees, eat tonnes of bananas and like to get up some mischief. Monkeys aren’t just animals to dress up as for animal themed events, but also for Halloween. This is one of the cutest baby Halloween costume ideas on our list and will go down a treat (not trick) at the party!

baby Cheeky monkey costume

Baby Loveable Lion

Continuing on with the animal theme, we can’t leave our loveable lion off the list of our best baby Halloween costumes! Whether your little one wants to become the scared lion from Wizard of Oz or if they’re a fan of the Lion King, then they can transform into a friendly, more loveable version (that’s not Scar) this Halloween.

Baby Lovable Lion CostumeMini Meow

Cats are popular characters to dress up as for Halloween for people of all ages. All you need is a pair of cat ears, a black costume and to draw yourself some whiskers. Luckily, our Mini Meow Costume has all you need and more, so no need to clip on a tail, or draw some whiskers on your baby. They’ll be puuuuuring for attention from you and others as you take them on their first night of trick or treating.

Baby Mini Meow CostumeDinky Dino

The next costume on our list of the best baby Halloween costumes is our white shining teethed friend who lives a long time ago. Inspired by popular children’s classics such Jurassic Park and Ice Age, they make great characters for our little ones to dress up as. Even though he isn’t as scary as a clown, or even a zombie, when others set eyes on his sharp white teeth, they won’t want to come too close!

Baby dinky dino costumeBaby Gangster

We’re taking it back to the 1920s, when top hats and suits were a thing. Your precious little one can transform into a mischievous, up-to-no-good gangster from the 20’s, and he’s also the smartest dressed to the party! Help him practice his gangster impressions and you have a winner!

Baby gangster costumeLil Devil

Does your little one sometimes like to cause a bit of trouble? Well, it’s Halloween after all! Let them swap their halo for a pair of horns this October 31st as they transform into one of the most popular characters for Halloween, the devil. Even though they’ll be dressed as this evil and dark character, your friends and family can’t help but turn to the dark side for a cuddle…

Lil devil baby costume Itsy Bitsy Spider

We have another spider costume on our list, just because they are so popular for Halloween! If a purple and orange legged creature turned up on your kitchen floor, you’re likely to scream for help,. However, seeing as it’s your cute baby, you’ll be wanting more and more cuddles from this furry, big-eyed creature. This is a best seller every year!

Baby itsy bitsy spider Cute Baby Bat

We hope your little one has been practicing sleeping upside down, as there’ll be plenty of that this Halloween. Bats love the dark and enjoy spending time with their other bat friends, hidden inside caves. If your little one is often found toppled over upside down, then this Cute Baby Bat costume is the one for them.

Baby bat onesie costumeBaby Frankenstein

The penultimate costume on our list of the best baby Halloween costume ideas is a character that walks extremely slowly without making any sudden movements. He goes unnoticed as much as possible and is the lab creation of a crazy scientist. You guessed it! Its time for your little one to get their freak on this Halloween as he becomes the cutest little green monster in town, Frankenstein.

Baby frankenstein costume Fire Dragon

The final costume on our list is someone who likes to breathe fire at his enemies and has big sharp teeth. Teeth that Dracula would be jealous of… Your little bundle of joy will look so adorable, yet frightening, dressed up in our Fire Dragon Costume. Don’t be fooled; they may look sweet, but if you get on their bad side, you may be toast!

Baby Halloween dragon costumeSo, there you have it, our list of the best baby Halloween Costume ideas! We hope you managed to find some inspiration and can grab the best outfit suited for your little one. If you weren’t able to find what you were looking for, you can view the rest of our baby Halloween costumes here. Alternatively, if you’re not looking for a baby costume that’s great year-round, not just for Halloween, you can view our full range of baby fancy dress costumes here