Mens TV Character Costumes

Tired of the Ad-breaks? Eyes staring to get sore? Go dressed up to the party with mens TV character costumes based on your favourite TV show personalities. We've all spent hours in front of the screen, but now is your time to party in these cool and funny fancy dress outfits. Whether you love cartoons, soap operas, sci-fi or crime, we'll have mens TV fancy dress for you. Shop children's shows with Scooby Doo, Flintstones, Teletubbies and more! Slip into our cheaper range featuring famous advertising characters such as Captain Birdseye and his fish fingers, and the safety mad Green Cross Code Man from the 1970s. Got a Butlins weekend coming up? Go as your favourite Maplins yellow coat in this Hi-De-Hi fancy dress. Loved Top Gear? Try our version of The Stig and see if you can take the heat of the racecourse. Run the beaches of Malibu in our selection of adult Baywatch costumes, you'll have all eyes on you as you turn up looking as glam as The Hoff! So switch off that TV and get to the party, with Next Day Delivery these costumes will never let you down! You'll find mens TV character costumes for all shapes, sizes and themes right here! Now you've sorted the adult costumes, shop for your kids too, by clicking here. Remember to tell them that if they get any closer to the screen, their eyes will go square!
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