Scary Masks - Halloween Horror Masks

Don't have time to dabble in face paints and special effects this Halloween? Grab yourself one of our scary Halloween masks and make the party goers in scream in delight (and terror) all night long! These scary masks aren't for the faint hearted; some of them are utterly horrific! Take the Smiley Halloween Mask for example. This iconic identity hider gained popularity from the 2012 film of the same name and is literally the stuff of nightmares. Speaking of films, our licensed Halloween movie horror masks are certainly perfect for this October! Feeling a bit mischievous? Slip on our Chucky Mask and find your bride amongst the crowd. Are you a big fan of The Conjuring? Our Annabelle Scary Halloween Mask Accessory pays homage to the movie in the creepiest way possible... Or maybe you wish you lived on Elm Street? Check out our Freddy 3/4 Vinyl Horror Mask.

If you want to explore more than just masks this Halloween, browse our full scary costume and accessory category here!

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