Mens Zombie Banana Costume



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You must be ripe for the killing with this hilarious Mens Zombie Banana Costume! Full of potassium, vitamins, and deadly virus this zombie meets banana outfit will have party goers unsure whether to laugh…or run!

The Mens Zombie Banana Costume is made up of a large banana shaped tunic with cut outs for the arm and legs. It also covers the face. The mouldy design, along with the zombie face and eyeball hanging out, gives a gory appearance. As such, you won’t be the most appealing banana the party has seen!

Get ready to bring entertainment in a fun but creepy way in this unique costume. It’s a top choice for those that want to make their friends laugh on Halloween.


Chest: Up To 48"

Includes: Tunic

Excludes: T-shirt, Trousers, Shoes