Shows two women in black wizard robes and glasses. One is holding a wand and they're reading a book.

Harry Potter Costumes & Fancy Dress Accessories

Accio Griffindor robe! Whether you’re a seasoned spell-master or new to witchcraft and wizardry, our range of Harry Potter Costumes & Accessories will turn even the most mundane of muggles into a wand-wielding wizards. From Hogwarts Robes to Quidditch ready broomsticks, our enchanted offerings are enough to rival Madam Malkin’s. Please note: customers are reminded to respect the spell limits. We also offer the opportunity to transform into The Dark Lord himself, perfect for Halloween. WARNING: Those who decide to become Lord Voldemort do so at their own risk. The Council of Magical Law take no responsibility for any enchantings or Azkaban related sentences that arise due to the transformation. 

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