Adult Zombie Hot Dog Halloween Costume


£29.99 £44.99

Have you ever seen a zombie hot dog? We thought not! It’s wacky, creepy and a Halloween costume idea that no-one else will think of. The Adult Zombie Hot Dog Halloween Costume will take your Halloween party by storm and it’s extremely easy to wear. It’s such a unique costume idea that will guarantee to have you being the main hot dog at the party!

The Adult Zombie Hot Dog Halloween Costume features a 3D print of a hot dog with all the trimmings. Mustard, ketchup, and a soft bun are what it’s all about, but then you have the main course. A slim hotdog sits in the centre of the costume, featuring a funny hotdog face, exactly that of a zombie!

All that’s left for you do is to practice those zombie-like moves and get your sauce at the ready, as spook night is finally here!

Includes: Tunic

Excludes: T-shirt, Trousers

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