Whether you're a knight saving a damsel in distress or you're a girl who is up for seeing some fighting action, this essential collection of Fake Weapons props, Armour and Guns will make whoever owns one an immediate badass. Not only will you look the part but you can defend yourself on that dance floor against any dangerous moves... Going to a Halloween party as Harley Quinn? Round up the rest of the Suicide Squad and get swinging with our Inflatable "Good Night" Bat! Or maybe you're more of an intergalactic voyager and there's a few too many hostile aliens around.... Defend yourself with the Space Gun Accessory! Speaking of guns... No 1920's gangster outfit would be complete without a vintage looking Tommy Gun! Shop for toy gun props, toy sword props and a variety of other dress-up weapons here on Fancydress.com and perfect your themed costume!

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