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20 Sexy Halloween Costumes To Hot Up Your Halloween

June 09, 2022

20 Sexy Halloween Costumes To Hot Up Your Halloween - Fancydress.com

Listen up ladies, Halloween costumes don’t have to be bland! Spice things up during the spooky season with our 20 sexy Halloween costumes for women! If you’d rather look gorgeously gothic than strikingly scary, take a scroll below!

We aren’t going full Mean Girls with the lingerie costumes, but we get that showing up like Cady Heron in an “ex-wife” costume isn’t everyone’s cup of tea either! So prepare to show off a little bit of skin, and have all eyes on you as you walk into the party strutting your stuff! 


1. Sleek Catsuit

We’re going to kick this off with a classic, the catsuit! A Halloween hit for anyone that loves a super glossy look, this one is great with some added cat ears and tail for a simply sexy cat costume that’s guaranteed to blow everyone away year after year.


2. Medusa

This ‘Hideous Hag’ is hideous no more! Despite having snakes for hair, Medusa has become a sexy icon in the 21st century, and this costume is no exception to that! This black maxi dress features a plunging neckline with a green and gold reptile print drape, an adjustable synched skirt to show off as little or as much leg as you like, and a gorgeous gold snake headdress. Transform into the Mythological monster turned green queen of mean this Halloween!


3. Cher

Want to look as hot as Cher & Dionne from the 90s cult classic Clueless? Now’s your chance! This sexy outfit is perfect for Halloween; it requires no gore, just pure glam. With a yellow tartan mini skirt and matching blazer, this one is a killer look for anyone wanting to show off their legs this year.


4. Fallen Angel

Now, stop them cheesy chat up lines by claiming that yes, it did hurt when you fell from heaven! This gothic sexy angel costume will be sure to show off your not-so-innocent side this Halloween. Featuring a lace-up corset-style bodice, you can show off those curves with ease! The sweetheart neckline allows for a little cleavage while the netted sleeves and collar add the coverage you need on a cold October’s night! This one is a best seller during Halloween season, so be sure to grab yours now.


5. Aquaman’s Mera

The beautiful queen of Atlantis, Mera, has been the glam icon of comic book lovers for decades. This costume will transform you into a Marvel super-heroine in seconds. It oozes sex appeal with its figure-hugging design, and makes for the most perfect costume for couples when teamed up with Aquaman – hot couple alert!


6. Sexy French Maid

A sexy Halloween outfit favourite for years has been the French Maid! This timeless classic can be worn as it is, or thrown together with some ghostly makeup to give off those haunted hotel vibes. Complete with a corset style dress, puffed sleeves and a headpiece, all you need is a feather duster to complete the look. You’ll be maid to feel naughty in this one!


7. Suicide Squad Harley Quinn

Fresh from the Arkham Asylum is Harley Quinn. She may be THE hottest girl in the DC universe and is guaranteed to bring the sex appeal to your Halloween party. Whether you’re attending with the Joker and or going it alone, Harley is always the star of the show. The red and blue sequinned hot pants, the ‘daddy’s lil monster’ top and jacket say it all about Harley’s personality. And who are we kidding? We’re all a little crazy – just like Miss Quinn!


8. Sexy Zombie Nurse

Becoming possessed by a flesh-eating plague doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy… kinda! This zombie nurse costume is the ultimate mix of glam and gore. Featuring a bodycon dress and bloody torn headpiece, it sounds rather delightful – until you see the blood-soaked patches, torn hemlines and poking out intestines – eww! But paired with some knee-high stockings, this look will be sinfully sexy once again.


9. Trapeze Girl

This costume is inspired by Anne Wheeler aka Zendaya in the Greatest Showman. This sexy circus costume will show off your figure and is definitely all about the legs! The purple leotard bodysuit features a nude plunge neckline with diamantes, an attached glitter tulle skirt and matching glovelets. So cling onto your sexy ringmaster and show him the ropes on how to pull off a killer look this spooky time of year! It’s a great couples costume for Halloween too.


10. Ringmaster

Two years later and we’re still not over The Greatest Showman! Maybe everyone else is, but we still want to run away and join the circus. But for now, Halloween is what we’re sticking to. The ringmaster really is a sexy Halloween costume – especially when accessorised with a whip! We’ve got a few options too, which you can see by clicking here. Our favourite is this blue and red ensemble – complete with dress and attached jacket, a bow tie collar, blue arm cuffs, calf-high spats, and a moustache. Accessorise with fishnets and heels to complete the look.


11. Wicked Devil

What’s hotter than hell itself? You won’t be able to find a sexy Halloween costume that’s easier than a Devil costume! This devil outfit features a red and black dress with off the shoulder sleeves and a lace-up bodice. This sizzling costume comes complete with a pair of red horns too, so all that you need to add is a trident, stockings and a puff of smoke to enter the party in!


12. Miss Jason Voorhees

Who said horror can’t be cute? Dressing up as the villain is always popular at Halloween, but the Miss Voorhees costume is so much more than that. Look strikingly sexy as you march into the party with this hockey jersey on inspired by Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th movies. This black and red jersey features Jason’s iconic mask and machete logo on the front and on the arm, and is complete with a handbag shaped like his hockey mask!


13. Little Red Riding Hood

Twisted fairy tales are a popular Halloween trend, and one of the favourites is Little Red Riding Hood. She’s sweet, innocent and needs saving from the big bad wolf, however, she can have a sexy side!

This red riding hood costume isn’t only a bargain, but also so eye-catching. Choose to wear it as is, or get creative with makeup and face paint to create wolf scratches. It’s also another great sexy Halloween costume to team up alongside the big bad wolf as a couples costume.


14. Poison Ivy

Why are DC villains so hot?! Our Poison Ivy costume is as red hot as her hair colour! You can have fun playing the seductive villain in this little green dress with adjustable hem, sheer green skirt, glovelets, ivy leaf tights and boot covers.


15. Sugar Skull Catsuit

Day of the Dead is a colourful and floral festival from Mexico that celebrates life, we have a large selection of costumes to wear at Halloween, but nothing quite as sexy as this one! The Day of the Dead Catsuit features a twist on the classic catsuit. This sexy cat costume includes a sugar skull cat mask and colourful catsuit with hearts, flowers and a hidden skeleton design with attached tail.


16. Sexy Pirate

A best-selling sexy Halloween costume is the Spanish Pirate Lass Costume. This high-quality outfit includes a red ruffle dress with matching sleeves, a feather pirate hat with gold ribbon trim, a waist clinching belt and skull and crossbones coin pouch for your valuables. All the swashbuckling pirate men will be jumping off the plank when you arrive!


17. Skeleton Tutu Costume

A simple sexy costume to pair up with some half skull skeleton makeup, the Skeleton Tutu Costume is a staple at any Halloween event. This Halloween outfit includes a strapless dress with ribcage design and black and white multi-layered ruffle tutu skirt.  Why not add some skeleton tights to complete your look?



18. Miss Krueger

Who knew serial killers could be so damn glam?! Freddy Krueger is an 80s horror icon, and complete with his finger bladed glove, you’ll be entering everyone’s nightmares – just like he did! This red and green woollen dress features a tattered hem, a few holes to reveal some skin and a fedora hat.



19. Vampire Queen

Vampires are known for being seductive creatures; it’s how they hunt their prey! You’ll look ever so tempting in the sexy Vampiress costume this Halloween, complete a with short red and black velvet dress and full-length leather-look cape that belts up around the waist. Add on a pair of realistic fangs and hot up the dance floor at the party!



20. Batgirl

Why does Batman get all the attention when you can now turn up to the Halloween party as Batgirl?! No more of this “Robin” business, turn up on your own and show off the strong woman you really are. The Batgirl costume features a wet-look black dress with the yellow Batman logo. Officially licensed by DC Comics, it’s sure that this costume is high quality and guaranteed to follow your curves in all the right places. Pair with some sexy knee-high boots and you’re ready to save this Halloween party!



For more sexy Halloween costume ideas, take a look at our selection here. You’ll also find many suitable accessories to enhance your outfits in there too! Want to know what’s trending this year? Take a peek at our list of horror movie-inspired outfits here!