Teen Harley Quinn Costume Kit



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Hey Puddin'!

Is your teen looking to be the coolest chic on the block? Well, at least in Gotham City? She’ll join forces with the cunning The Joker for a night of chaos and causing Batman trip. She’ll also love our Teen Harley Quinn Costume Kit. It’s perfect for any ‘superhero and villains’ themed party, Halloween, or a special birthday occasion.

The Teen Harley Quinn Costume Accessory Kit includes the classic Harley red and blue jacket and attached 'Daddy's lil monster' t-shirt. They’ll look like they’ve jumped straight out from the screen with this costume kit! Accessorise with a baseball bat and head on down to Gotham. Who’s up for a night of mayhem?


Bust: 32" - 43"

Waist: 22" - 24"

Includes: Jacket with Shirt

Excludes: Wig, Bat